Unfortunately, no Cuban will win the Silver Bat in 2021

I do not want to be the bearer of bad news, but I anticipate that no Cuban will win the Silver Bat this year. I’m sorry to say it so badly, and I regret that the most feverish nationalists will label me a pessimist or worse. But I see no reason to feed sterile dreams.

Yesterday, when the official announcement of the candidacy for the award for the most outstanding sluggers in each position was made, the names of the first baseman came to light Yulieski Gurriel, the designated Yordan alvarez and the gardeners Randy Arozarena and Lourdes jr. Immediately, of course, the island fanatic cheerfully rubbed his hands together. However, at least this time there is no prize.

I propose that you review each case statistically and contrast it with the endorsement of your rivals.

Here’s too little to say: Guerrero will carry the distinction unanimously. It is true that Gurriel led the American League in average (and even all the majors in sacrifice flyes with a total of 12), but the Dominican was a scandal: the boy led the MLB in runs scored (123), home runs and bases traveled, and presided over his circuit in on-base percentage, slugging, OPS (1,002) and OPS +. The MVP still has to fight it, but this award, no. It is already yours.

Rutilante in terms of average, the campaign of the Spiritus lacked the dressing of the connections that leave the stadium. Let’s be honest: It’s hard to be a Silver Bat in the starting lineup when 13 players who defended that pillow outplayed you in home runs in your own league..

I don’t see a chance here either, despite the fact that three will be chosen and this expands the range of possibilities. Both Cubans closed the course at full speed, but in the end they were penalized by their discreet performances of the first half of the championship. A glance at the table is enough to see that the two lag far behind the rest in terms of homers and RBIs (in this last indicator they only surpass Mullins, limited in greater productivity by his condition of leadoff).

In my opinion, the final selection could fall to Judge, Tucker and Teoscar.

Called to mark with the iron of the wood the next major league seasons, “Papi Álvarez” –as I always say- would win the award without any pressure if it were not for Shohei Ohtani fulfilling the function of designated in the parties where it does not go up to the mound. And against supernatural forces you can’t. Definitely not.

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