Samuel García was sparked: he asks for policemen for… basketball team

NEW LION. The governor of Nuevo León, Samuel García, used social networks to assign tasks to the members of his cabinet, however, referring to the Secretary of Public Security, Aldo Fasci, asked him to find policemen for Fuerza Regia.

The reaction of users on Twitter was immediate, since “Fuerza Regia” is the professional basketball team of Nuevo León and not the police in charge of operating in the municipality of Monterrey.

Samuel García and his social media team corrected their mistake moments later, when they rectified and correctly referred to the corporation as “Policia Regia.

“Aldo (Fasci, the secretary of Public Security), I ask you to attend the Security Table to resolve how we help Monterrey to Luis Donaldo Colosio to complete the number of police officers that Fuerza Regia must have,” the governor wrote in his account official.

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Internet users and followers of the state president also questioned the use of social networks as if they were an official government communication channel, although there was another group that misinterpreted the message and took it as if they ‘exhibited’ the officials.

Likewise, users started creating memes for the unfortunate comment.

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