Looking for their first triumph, the Nicaraguan team will visit Juventud Unida for the second date for Group A from 9:30 p.m. At the same time, in the Social field of Ramallo Los Andes, he will receive Centenario de Gálvez by Mr.

Somisa fell to Temperley de Rosario 70 to 60 in her debut in the CAB 1 Sports Region Tournament.

Today two of the four representatives of the San Nicolás Basketball Association will appear for the First Men’s Division of the CAB1 Sports Region Tournament. Within the framework of the second date, Somisa will visit Juventud Unida de Cañada Rosquín for Group A, while for C Los Andes de Villa Ramallo it will be the Centenario de Gálvez venue at the Social de Ramallo field. Both matches will start at 9.30pm. Belgrano will play on Friday 8 with Santa Paula de Gálvez for B and Regatas will also play next week for C with Sportivo de Las Parejas

Somisa was surprised in his debut by Temperley de Rosario, who in the “Fortunato Bonelli” –the night of the opening of the championship- beat him 70 to 60. Today he will have what a priori is presumed to be his most accessible commitment in the regular phase , since in front of it will be a team made up of a majority of youth from its Inferiores and that this year returned to compete in the First of the Santafecino West Association – to which it belongs – after six years.

Juventud Unida –which was released on the opening day- is directed by Carlos Mainoldi, the brother of former Argentine National Team player Leonardo Mainoldi (currently playing in the National League with San Martín de Corrientes). He added to the Regional the missionary intern Avy, Silvano de Cañada de Gómez and from Sportivo de las Parejas the native of Tostado Traverso. The player from La Plata Barraza is the most experienced player in Youth.

Somisa comes from winning a key match against Belgrano during the week for the First local, a triumph that allowed him to secure the first place of the A1. He had the best performance in that duel since his arrival at the Chaco forward Martín Pérez Douthat’s club, one of his scorers behind Ezequiel Dentis, who did not have a good night with Temperley. In addition, Gonzalo Silvero returned, important for the leadership of the somiseros. In turn, Federico Pascual once again demonstrated his validity and the rest made Somisa feel like a long team, something that he will need to assert in this competition.

In the other meeting in the area, the Rosario Temperley and Universitario will be measured at 9:00 p.m. You will have rest in this opportunity Talleres de Arroyo Seco.

Meanwhile, at the same time, in Social, Los Andes will appear on stage, which played a good role in its presentation in the Regional, despite having lost in Rosario with CAOVA by 78 to 73. In parallel, on the other hand, Verdolaga fights for qualifying for the Repechage of the A2 in the First local (having suffered a painful defeat at the weekend against Belgrano “B” that left him with no margin for error and depending on other results).

Los Andes made a big bet for this Regional, incorporating the Mussachio base from Pergamino, the Astudillo escort, and giving the mark by adding Fernando Salazar. To them he added other names from outside such as Apraiz, Jelen and players from the ABSN field, such were the cases of Germán Zalloco, Cristian and Leo Reynoso, Ricardo D´Agostino, Jeremías Videla and Ezequiel Martín.

Like Somisa, those led by Renzo Cipollone will have an unbeatable chance to score a victory, since his opponent, Centenario, has fallen 95 to 40 with Independiente de Chañar Ladeado, which shows him as the weakest in this area, for which today Náutico Sportivo Avellaneda and CAOVA will collide at 9:00 p.m. in Rosario.