The constant and unworthy lack of respect for Ronald Koeman

Ronald Koeman appeared this Friday at a press conference. He did it because it was his obligation. To show up once more. And he did it when he knows perfectly all the movements behind his back. As Laporta is filtering to his friends that he is going to charge the coach the first time he can. That they are already moving to find a replacement for him and if he does not have one, it is because he has not just decided

or can’t find it. Or you have no money to pay you. “Nobody tells me anything, but I have eyes and ears,” said the technician who is fully aware of what there is. The club has already decided to give it up. Laporta was this Friday hour and a half in the Sports City. He didn’t even come close to see him to encourage him. They say that on the return trip from Lisbon I didn’t even speak to him. The last messages he has received from the presidency have been through his advisers. To shake him, of course. Koeman is being disrespected in an undignified way. They did so since last June when they told him that they were taking 15 days to find a replacement for him. They wanted him to resign, but since he did not, they had to stay with him after having reduced his authority in the face of his staff. Bad business.

Then came the supposed interest in renewing him. Yes, with conditions. And Laporta again leaked it to his journalists friends. Within three minutes Koeman already knew what had happened. Wanting to get into the coach’s job by suggesting the game system and which players to use is another unworthy treatment for a coach. And more if it is aired as it was done. It is true that it was not Laporta’s choice, but the treatment he has given him is not worth a myth of Barcelona. Even if he doesn’t like the team’s game. Because this summer, instead of reinforcing the squad, their potential has diminished. And after three games he was already questioning him and moving his chair. And in the end, it all comes down to a struggle of Koeman’s realism, against the illusion of the president. The team is what it is. And the box is as it is. I mean, cow.

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