Rector Carlos Saavedra received the brand new champions of the National Basketball League

Let the festivities not stop. Three members of the Basket UdeC squad, plus the coach Cipriano Núñez, met yesterday afternoon with the rector Carlos Saavedra, with whom they shared impressions after the weekend’s title in Valdivia.

“The team has eight students, which is a hallmark in national basketball. That UdeC has reached the goal of achieving the title is very symbolic and reflects a greater harmony in this team. I followed the final very nervous, enjoying and suffering the ups and downs of the last quarter. The last triples and the young sap gave tranquility to close the game in an exceptional way ”, highlighted the rector of the main penquista house of studies.

The players present were Evandro Arteaga, Diego Silva and Lino Sáez. The first stated that “I had to come back and what better than with a title. A very nice group was formed. U. de Concepción is an institution with vast national and international history, which needed to return to the top and be a champion. There was a big relief in the team after the title, which left us with the feeling of wanting to keep winning. This continue”.

Silva, a great figure in Valdivia, assured that “this group achieved mystique in the season and reflected it in the last game. After so many defeats, now we have to enjoy. You remember the bad moments and the lost finals where things didn’t turn out. Celebrating this title is something magical. I hope this is the beginning of many more ”.

Sáez, an important asset throughout the campaign, indicated that “during my time in the United States, I developed a lot as a player and student. There are things that I can see here at UdeC, like working hard and 100%. Seeing that reflected here surprises me and motivates me to keep working ”.

Coach Cipriano Núñez appreciated that “personally I had more than 70 CRPs, which wears out. At first we returned to the open air, eating three weeks without a court, because the protocols were not there. For me it was not nine months, but 18. There was a lot of exhaustion from taking care of ourselves, not going out, playing without an audience and everything that the pandemic means. The buzzer sounded in Valdivia and I said ‘uf, this is finally over’. The boys did it wonderful and, with a lot of dedication, heart and cold blood, we were able to give the title to the university community. We all failed and we all won, we have always been a team ”.

In the rectory of the UdeC, the head of Sports of the university, Víctor Méndez, was also present, who commented that “it has been a challenge to adjust the workloads to the requirements of the professional staff, I appreciate the committed work of the sports unit to make this possible. It is part of the institutional project that students see that their careers can be reconciled with high-performance sports. We want to be a parameter for all the institutions of the country, dethroning that unfortunate phrase that the university is the athlete’s grave, because it is not like that ”.

Claudia Carrasco, Vice Dean of the Faculty of Engineering of the UdeC and a faithful fan of Campanil, did not want to miss the meeting yesterday afternoon. “I was in Valdivia, the cathedral of basketball. Even if you lose being there, it is already an experience. As a fan it was inevitable not to remember 2016 and that felt very good. Although there were changes in the team, there were almost the same players. It was to take up and recover what was left unfinished in that season. In times of pandemic, the joy was twofold, “he said.

Verónica Madrid was also present at the meeting. The Director of Student Services of the UdeC, stated that “we hope that more and more students will be involved. We have worked overcoming all the requirements and protocols, with a team that has given us strength that we must take advantage of. It is a great achievement for a very united and hardworking team, which has overcome difficulties and succeeded. There is nothing left but to win another cup ”.

Finally, and with a view to future international events, the rector of the UdeC, Carlos Saavedra, assured that “challenges are coming at the South American level and the team will have to be strengthened according to the competitive characteristics of those tournaments, having ample benches that allow full rotation ”.