Persist and never give up

After so many setbacks, Larre Borges got the much-desired promotion to the top division of our basketball. A story of not giving up in the face of adversity.

Larre’s fan carried on his back a myriad of reasons and obstacles that always left him at the door, they never gave him. “Yes. this year yes ”it resonated in every corner of the Romeo Schinca but no, not this year, it didn’t happen either.

A new competition was on the horizon, on October 8 and Villagrán that phrase that he accompanied in recent campaigns reappeared: “yes, this year yes”. Some veteran, with a bit of shame, said yes, that was it, that this was the year. The occasional guru, more here in time and accustomed to recent seasons, dreamed, like everyone else, always with his feet on the ground.

Little by little names were added that for the divisional seduced a lot. History that they had lived in previous years, but in the end they were left with the ñata against the glass, without the final objective. This time there was something different, there were several who little by little were adding to the illusion and yearning with him: “yes, this year yes”.

In his house, his remodeled and very charming stage, he hosted the first phase of the contest. The growth of the institution was such that not only its people enjoyed it but also strangers. We all knew how to enjoy it. Larre grew his home, and never stopped taking steps in infrastructure despite adverse sporting results. A triumph in silence.

When it was his turn to move to the Palace, they had the pleasure of seeing his team on the court after such a long time. They enjoyed themselves, they celebrated, they hugged strangers and finally the “yes, this year yes” was a reality.

The growth is so great that El Metro was too small for it. “Yes, this year yes” went from being an almost daily motto, repetitive and painful, to being the most beautiful thing that a black and white fan could say on the cold spring night.

El Larre, again, is first class.