The most passionate side of Messi for the National Team: from how he found out about Maradona’s death to the tears of emotion for the Copa América

Messi touched the sky with his hands in the last Copa América (REUTERS / Juan Ignacio Roncoroni)

Lionel Messi gave an extensive interview to the Frenchman France Football just before traveling to Argentina to join the national team that disputes the triple date of the South American Qualifiers towards the World Cup in Qatar 2022. The European newspaper published the excerpts of a juicy note in which he referred to his departure from Barcelona, ​​the arrival at Paris Saint Germain and its news to the city. But there was also a special section to talk about the Albiceleste.

“This (European) summer a lot of very strong things happened, starting with the victory in the America’s Cup. I really had some extraordinary moments with the national team. It was absolutely sensational to win this title. This is something I’ve dreamed of for a long time. He had been fighting for this for years. He had been very close to the goal on several occasions and finally achieving it, in Brazil, against Brazil, it was really incredible”Was the first expression of Messi when they consulted him for the expressiveness he had in recent months.

Mentally moving to the final that ended 1-0 in favor of Lionel Scaloni’s team at Maracana, he reviewed his feelings: “To be honest, I’m not sure what happened then … (smiles from ear to ear). It is difficult to describe how I felt at this very moment. It was amazing that he finally managed to win a title in this shirt. At that moment, I did not realize that all my companions had run towards me to join me and hug me. In the end, it was almost more poignant afterwards, when I re-watched the cold footage on TV and realized what we had accomplished.”.

Messi's karma with the National Team was cut with the conquest of the Copa América in Brazil (REUTERS / Amanda Perobelli)
Messi’s karma with the National Team was cut with the conquest of the Copa América in Brazil (REUTERS / Amanda Perobelli)

“Winning a title with the Argentine jersey was a thorn in the side. I would have kept a strange feeling inside me if I had finished my career without winning a title with my country. I really wanted to add this beautiful chapter to my history with the national team lifting a trophy, having won everything I have won at the club since the beginning of my career. It was the title that I was missing. I knew I had to keep trying and I felt like it would eventually happen. I couldn’t give up”, Appreciated the Rosario, who emphasized his feeling of liberation after lifting the trophy.

They mentioned Marcelo Roffé, a sports psychologist who was part of the coaching staff of the Pekerman team in Messi’s early years, who had spoken of that release. And he replied: “Of course when you win a title after searching for it so much, it is a liberation. For everyone. I needed it and I think we all needed it. The Argentines and our football too, after so many years of scarcity with the national team. They criticized us for not winning. I think we were a bit unfair to this generation of players. The fact of winning a title has changed the perception that we could have of ourselves and will allow us to work in a calmer environment, with tranquility now ”.

After embroidering the star, it was time for enjoyment. And the fact of playing with the public (50% capacity) against Bolivia for Qualifying on River’s court was a special condiment that moved him to tears: “I made the most of it. Although the stadium could not be filled because of the Covid, I felt wonderful. I really wanted to share that with the Argentines, to play at home as the American champion. It was a dream come true, which is why I was so moved. It was a wonderful reunion with the Argentine people ”.

If this streak of laughter and tears was the craziest moment of my life? Yes … Well, I don’t know if the craziest, but I felt a lot of mixed emotions. I was happy thanks to everything I went through with the National Team, but it was strange for me because right after I had to leave Barcelona, ​​my home, after many years there ”, he remarked Leo, that He elaborated at another point in the interview about his farewell to Catalan territory.

Messi revealed how he found out about Maradona's death (Photo NA: FCBarcelona)
Messi revealed how he found out about Maradona’s death (Photo NA: FCBarcelona)

Finally, Messi was reminded of the death of Diego Armando Maradona and the fact that he did not get to see the last Argentine conquest. On his loss, he said: “I remember I was at home when I learned of his death. Just before the news spread, my dad wrote to me: ‘Do you know about Diego?’ I didn’t know what he was talking about and there he told me that he had just died. I was paralyzed because nobody expected it. I knew it wasn’t right and it had been for a while, but I didn’t think it was going to die. It was terrible news. Then, I followed the news, to see what happened (in Argentina). It was really terrible. “