Open Coaches: Who Was the Best Employee at the College Basketball Coaches Service in 2022? -2022

CBS Sports college basketball writers Gary Parrish and Matt Norlander surveyed nearly 100 coaches for the annual Candid Coaches series. They surveyed everyone from head coaches at elite programs to assistants at some of the smaller Division I schools. In exchange for complete anonymity, the coaches offered complete honesty on a number of topics. In the coming weeks we will publish the results of the questions asked.

Some of the biggest jobs have been in college basketball. Officially employed after last season – among them dukeAnd the MarylandAnd the louisville And the FloridaEach has won a national championship in the past two decades.

There were many interesting quotes. But what school is it made of? Better rent?

We’ve asked nearly 100 college coaches exactly this question. What they told us is reflected below.

Who was the best coach in 2022?

1.Shaheen Holloway, Seton Hall fifteen%
2.Sean Miller, Javier 13%
3.Kevin Willard, Maryland 12%
4. John Shire, Duke 10%
T-5 Tad when, Butler 9%
T-5. Jerome Tang state of kansas 9%
7. Frank Martin, University of Massachusetts 7%
8. Kenny Payne, Louisville 4%
T-9. dennis Doors, Missouri 3%
T-9. chris gans Mississippi 3%
T-9. mike white Georgia 3%
T–12. Fran Dunphy, do not ask two%
T-12 Todd Golden, Florida two%
T-12 Archie Miller Rhode Island two%

others get votes: Dan Earl, Chattanooga; chris gerlovsen San Francisco; jonas hayes, georgian state; Rob Lanier, EMU; bart lundy, milwaukee

quotes that appeared

In Shaheen Holloway

  • “I always hire a graduate, especially someone who has proven himself. Love this place, this community loves it. He has the charisma for the job. Great hire.”
  • “Back at his alma mater, where he was well liked and knew the nature of the land, especially the enlistment of the sages. The curriculum was built on doing more with less, and he accomplished at St. Peter what would never happen again. He is also a very good human being.”

about shawn miller

  • “I’m good friends with Travis Steele, and I hate how it came about, but Sean is tailor-made for Xavier, Cincinnaticondition Ohio. A tough guy, he knows the landscape, a very good coach. Loved by the masses and society. Sometimes all players, schools and fans need the concept of trust when they enter the ring. He brings that out to people.”
  • Fearless, abandoned to death and one of the best coaches in the game. He understands today’s CEO/coach/talent acquisition like no one has before, and now has more room to expand his relationships and resources.”

About Kevin Willard

  • “What he did at Seton Hall, with the lack of facilities in the context of the Old Guard Schools in the Big East, is incredible. He now he has all the whistles and bells, and he is a formidable recruit. Now he has a massive recruiting and a place with a big name. I think three years from now, Maryland will win the Big Ten.”
  • “Kevin has proven to be a great coach who doesn’t make excuses. He finds an underserved talent and does it better than everyone else in the country. With a great campus, great location, football money – and the way he develops his players – paying attention.”

in pure john

  • “He has already booked the first consecutive enlistment ranks. Anyone who can do that, even at a place like Duke, is a fantastic recruit. He has prepared for the great victory quickly ».
  • “He should be ready to continue success at Duke. It comes at the right point, as Duke hasn’t won national titles year after year, so the expectations aren’t exaggerated.”

Put off

The fact that we got 20 different answers to this question is a wild truth and proof that there is no clear right answer: Unlike last year, when Chris Bird of Texas got 61% of the vote..

(Note: Last year, Tommy Lloyd, who directed Arizona NCAA Championship No. 1 seed Hubert Davis, who led UNC to the NCAA Championship Game, received less than 3% of the vote. So things don’t always play out the way the coaches, or any of us, think they will. But I digress.)

If you had asked me to predict the winner of this poll before I took it, I could have told you John Sher from Duke because he has already recruited the rest of the country two years in a row. Or maybe I would have gone with Xavier’s Sean Miller or Butler’s Thad Matta because they both have established and proven track records of winning at the premier level.

However, Shaheen Holloway is an entirely reasonable lead voter.

He not only took San Pedro – Peace! – to the Elite Eight of the 2022 NCAA Championship after finishing in the top three in the Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference in each of the last three seasons, making Holloway a great employee. It’s also how he seemed to develop a strong culture within the show, one where players seemed to love and respect him so much that they literally Attended his introductory press conference at Seton Hall.

this told me something

It is impossible to know for sure how any hiring will happen, and proof of it Nebraska‘s Fred Hoyberg got more votes than Mick Cronin of UCLA and Eric Mosselman of Arkansas in this poll three years ago. But he’s still looking for his first 11-win season with the Huskers, while Cronin and Musselman’s Final Four have had eight straight elites. But for what it’s worth, you can also consider me a believer in Holloway. In fact, he did (somewhat) more with a bit at St Peter’s and thrived on the sport’s biggest stage. I suspect he will do great things next at Seton Hall, and based on the results of this poll, many of his colleagues agree.

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Open Coaches: Who Was the Best Employee at the College Basketball Coaches Service in 2022? -2022