My mother the chervo

In the last match of the ninth date, Cordón and Danubio faced each other, teams with different objectives but with the same need to win. The first had the return of Tintorelli in the squad, while Danubio continued with the loss of Andreoli.

The game began with both teams defending in the zone, and with many inaccuracies in attack. The first points came in the hands of Sebastián Álvarez, who were joined by doubles from Mujica and Chervo so that Danubio imposed a 7-0 in the first 3 minutes of the game. Cordón continued to insist from the triple line despite the low effectiveness, and managed to break the zero on his scoreboard just at 4 minutes with a triple by Mauricio Aguiar. Cordón’s defensive work was good, but on offense he still couldn’t flow. The latter caused Losada to send Marotta onto the pitch, and the change paid off almost instantly. Danubio had a passage of 4 minutes without scoring, a situation that Cordón took advantage of to achieve a tie at 10 with a double from Tintorelli. Finally, the first quarter closed with a tie at 15.

The beginning of the second quarter was a continuation of the first, with both in zone and low effectiveness in attack. Danubio’s defense over Tintorelli forced Cordón to look for points from the outside, which was now beginning to increase the percentage in the hands of Aguiar, Ferreira, Álvarez and Barrera. On the other side, those on the fringe hurt from the run, to which a couple of triples from Álvarez and Nicoletti were added to close the first half with a 38-35 advantage.

Cordón opened the third with a quick triple by Marotta to tie at 38. Martín Chervo committed his third personal foul at dawn of the fourth, something that seemed to be conditioning him, but Cordón was unable to take advantage of that slight advantage. After a couple of minutes had passed, Octavio Medina entered, who had not stepped on the pitch since his departure in the first quarter, and brought an intensity that was of the utmost importance for his team. A foul called to Tintorelli in the defense on Chervo exploded the bad mood that began to accumulate in the bench of Cordón, who thus received his first technical foul of the night. The score at the end of the third was 61-60 in favor of Danubio.

The last quarter was even during the first minutes, and had Cordón winning by a minimum with 7 remaining. However, from then on the game was all his rival, who imposed a partial of 24 to 7 until the end. Cordón did not stand in the game, and frustration led to another technical foul with which the match began to close. Martín Chervo continued to be indefensible, and to his usual points near the board he added two consecutive triples with which he raised the handful of relatives who supported his team. The last minutes went without too many surprises. Finally, the victory of Danubio was with a result of 89 to 73.