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The World Cup started out strong with a 7-0 run, with Ianguas dominating the rebounds and good appearances from Pierce. It took Colón’s men a couple of minutes to get into the game, but from the defensive intensity he managed to run the court a couple of times to get within range by responding with a 7-2. The red wings stood out for their defensive work and that was their livelihood. Gonzalo Fernández’s men distributed the scoring, scored the five starters, but could not sustain the scoring flow from the start. Olimpia took the first quarter 16-15.

When Olivol, the boy started again better, a lapidary 13-0 from the homeowner appeared that began with a goal and a foul from Dogliotti and then enjoyed the burning wrist of Catalá opening up and taking advantage of the fact that his defender -generally- was the who gave the aid. The local was 10 up and had everything to go on, but two technicians appeared, a triple from Diego Álvarez and in the blink of an eye a 7-0 of the visit came to quickly return to the game. Ianguas dominated the paint and improved the collective defense of those of Fernández who went a double down at the long break (37-35).

The second half started mixed up, with technicians for both sides. Within parity, the World Cup player came to tie it at 39. But Olimpia’s defensive intensity marked the match and Olivol suffered. Offensively, Agarbado and García began the escape that Marquardt sentenced with a pair of bombs. To top it all, the visit saw Ianguas do the fourth with which Basualdo officially took over the painting. Those of Colón went 12 up last.

The last one started with the same recipe, two Marquardt triples that put the final lid on the encounter. Although Olivol used to get us used to comebacks and good performances, he repeatedly collided with the Olympian defense, who never lowered the intensity. Fernández tried tactical variants but none worked and Olimpia in a controlled train took the last minutes without problems to win 92-76.

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