LNBP claims to be the only professional league in Mexico with 100 percent vaccinated elements

Sergio Ganem highlighted the work of the LNBP with its players and for the return of the fans

Sergio Ganem, president of the National Professional Basketball League of Mexico, presumed that this circuit has already complied with the vaccination of all its affiliates, which not all sports organizations in Mexico have done, in addition to informing that the doors will be opened to the public by up to 50 percent.

At the press conference for the 2021 season of the Sisnova LNBP League, which will start on September 2 and end on November 28, Ganem indicated:

“Today, vaccines are much more accessible to people than months ago; today it is a citizen’s duty to get vaccinated and take care of oneself, for you, for your family, so I am very pleased and the truth here I have to say that I feel very proud, and It will be one of the things that I am going to highlight the most throughout the campaign, that we are being the only Professional League in Mexico one hundred percent vaccinated“.

In this sense, he highlighted the work of Alonso Izaguirre, general commissioner of the LNBP, also present at the press conference and who is in charge of the entire vaccination protocol, since he reiterated that one hundred percent of the affiliates have already been vaccinated to the LNBP.

“Right now a PCR control is being applied to them. If there is a regrowth in a player, they are immediately isolated. We are ready to act if that happens.”

Alonso Izaguirre explained that “the necessary steps were taken so that all the players who came from abroad were already vaccinated”While Sergio Ganem added that those who came from the United States were particularly asked to arrive already vaccinated, for which he insisted: “Right now we can say that we are guaranteeing that all our personnel have the vaccine.”

He also said that if there are subsequent changes of players, after the season, they will take special care that they arrive with their vaccination certificate in hand, to also highlight that the owners of the teams have made a great investment and in this aspect they have not found resistance in no player.

Sergio Ganem reported that a little less was spent than last year on vaccines. In 2020, the million 200 thousand dollars was exceeded, he said.

Maximum capacity of 50 percent

Likewise, it was established that the LNBP is prepared to receive the public in all places, which has already been confirmed and all teams will be able to play with up to 50 percent attendance. They will not exceed this percentage so as not to take any extra risk.

“It’s extremely manageable to be able to have up to 50 percent fans,” said Sergio Ganem.

In this way, antibacterial gel will be provided to fans at the entrances to the different stadiums, while all the necessary measures will be carried out inside, as established by the health sector.

In fact, the use of the mask will be mandatory for people, from their arrival at the different buildings in the country and throughout the game, and in case of not obeying the instructions, they will be removed from the venue.

Similarly, he indicated that next year they will reactivate the plaza in Mexico City, although he did not want to anticipate a probable date.