Kevin Durant reveals reason for leaving Warriors

Kevin Durant was the guest of Draymond green in his program ‘Chips’, in Bleacher Report, and between the two they clarified some questions about their confrontation in the middle of a Warriors game on the Los Angeles court. Clippers in the 2018 season of the NBA and the forward’s subsequent march to the Nets.

At one point in his talk, Green asks Durant to help clear his conscience about that friction, since the general theory is that the forward left because of that dispute in which his partner called him “bitch” on several occasions and questioned his value to the team, as he had already won a title without it.

The two came to the same conclusion. “In my opinion, they [la gerencia de los Warriors] they screwed up, “Green said.” I think so too, “Durant replied, explaining that it wasn’t so much that matchup as the way it was handled within the franchise.

“It wasn’t the dispute, it was the way everyone acted. Coach Steve Kerr acted like it didn’t happen and General Manager Bob Myers tried to discipline you and think that would mask everything,” says the forward, upset that the Warriors were talking about being a family, “but we didn’t show it. That’s what bothered me about anything else.”

Green described his conversation with the Warriors officials when the team returned to Oakland from Los Angeles. He was willing to talk to Durant. “The only people who can fix this are Durant and me. And there’s nothing you can do. You’re going to screw it up,” he told them. “And in my opinion, they screwed up,” he continues. The power forward was suspended for one game, but not before laughing in Myers’ face, according to he continued.

Durant left the Warriors in 2019 to sign with the Nets after breaking his Achilles tendon in the NBA Finals against the Raptors.


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