Madrid and PSG, duel for Pogba

That Real Madrid closely follows several players who end their contract in 2022, one of them Pogba, is a fact; It is no less true that the white plan involves not renewing their contracts with their respective current teams and then surpassing the rest of the suitors in the negotiation, which will be assured according to the enormous level of the aforementioned players. In the case of Pogba, Madrid already knows that their great rival in the market will be PSG.

In this sense, there is information that goes in reverse directions. Yesterday, the English Daily Star revealed that Pogba has decided that he will not renew his contract with United and that in July 2022 he will sign with Real Madrid; and Sky Sports explained that PSG He has already decided that next summer he will bet heavily on two footballers who end their contract: Pogba and Cristiano. Al-Khelaïfi dreams of joining the Portuguese with Messi and Neymar to form the most experienced and powerful attack in Europe.

Pogba to look more French

And in the case of Pogba, the bet is twofold: reinforcing PSG’s midfield and, incidentally, giving identity to the project, which since it started is viewed with suspicion in the rest of France due to its foreign roots. The fact that the ownership of the Parisian club is based in Qatar does not worry the PSG fans too much, who had been eager to stand out in Ligue 1 for years, after years in the shadow of Marseille and Lyon. But in the rest of the country it transmits a stink of an artificial project that prevents it from gaining followers beyond the capital; hence he tries, whenever possible, to sign French players who contribute national identity.

Be that as it may, if Pogba ends his contract at United, he will have a choice and his main intention is to go to Madrid, a club in which he has been wanting to join for years. However, the question of salary will end up being decisive and there PSG can turn the issue around …