Juan Toscano, from carrying jugs, to Curry’s companion and an example for his community

Juan Toscano was close with colleagues and staff in Fuerza Regia and now in the NBA his social commitment has led him to be considered for an award by the NBA

Juan Toscano was nominated for Kareem Abdul Jabar award for his actions off the court. The Golden State Warriors player earned a place in the Californian franchise and the affection of the entire public, especially that of minorities, including Latinos, since since he played in Mexico in Royal Force His good character and his humility with everyone showed.

“Everyone loved him, the players and the coaches. He was very energetic, he was never lazy, he always trained with everything, he paid attention to the coach, ”Sebastián Aguilar told ESPN Digital, who was his partner in the Monterrey team before Tuscan won a place in the G League and then made the jump to the NBA.

“I helped Mario, who took us to training sessions, carried the water and washed the uniforms. He always helped him carry the jugs and told me to carry them ”, the Mexican basketball player recalled to this website.

Throughout your stay in Monterrey, Juan Toscano he always stayed close to the fans and his teammates. He was really interested in seeing the progression of his peers and from there he noticed that way of helping his community.

“With the fans the truth always accepted photos, was not bloody and tried to talk to them. You grab him affection because he is not bloody as it usually happens later. He texted me at night to see how I was doing, to go out to dinner. He supported everyone, he encouraged me as a rookie to train, ”said Aguilar.

Tuscan He had daily details that seemed nothing, but that gave meaning to his way of being and that took him to the place where he is today, because today he eats at the table of Stephen Curry and Klay Thompsonbut he never forgot where it came from.

“Toscano never stopped until we all finished eating. We had to be 8:30 to get in the truck and go to the gym and he would stop to go to train ”, were the little things with which the basketball player did a group.

These actions led him to always raise his voice for his own. The sacrifice he has shown since his time in Mexico led him to be in the best basketball league in the world and today he is enjoying the fruits of his harvest, one that was based on a lot of work and effort.