J4 – EBA AB: No change up and down this week

New day in the group AB from EBA League and little change when it comes to classification. The two undefeated teams, Obradoiro and Porriño, continue their immaculate trajectory after this matchday 4 and at the bottom, the same groups also continue to be those who still do not know the triumph. Gijón, Claret, Oviedo and Bosco Ourense could not debut this week either, adding La Flecha, Chantada, Reino de León and Tormes triumphs that keep them in the wake of the leader, while Betanzos and Universidad de Valladolid balance their balance of victories.

The first position remains for an intractable Obradoiro Silleda, that one more week expired with solvency (91-70) before the subsidiary of Unicaja Banco Oviedo, which is still sunk in the rankings. Despite everything, the Asturians sold their defeat dearly, making a good first half in which, despite the locals going ahead, Oviedo remained close thanks to the contribution of Cubero and Suárez. But Obradoiro was not up to the task of being surprised, and in the third quarter he was going to begin his final takeoff, tightening his rival in defense and with success above the Huguets, Christian Hernández and Guillermo González, thus taking a comfortable income that they It allowed them to face a calm end of the game in which they did not have shocks.

It also does not fail Porriño Base Basketball, which, in a more adjusted way, continues to carry out its matches. This time the victim (65-60) it was Corinto Gijón Basket, which continues like this without being able to add triumphs, despite having had it close on more than one occasion. In fact, it was the Asturians who came out the best in the crash, taking the first advantage from the start. But in the second and third quarters they were going to suffer a lot to score, and that would not be wasted by Porriño, who took the lead and opened a small gap led by the contribution of Javier Domínguez. Everything seemed to indicate that the Galicians would have a comfortable end of the game, given the trend of the scoreboard, but Gijón knew how to react and improve their numbers, pulling Fernando Fernández Noval and Mateo Sánchez, thus managing to get closer and give excitement to the final stretch, but without to be able to complete the comeback against a rival who knew how to suffer and handle that situation to avoid greater evils.

The pursuing platoon is led by a Leclerc León Caja Rural RdL who this week faced the local derby against ULE Basket Leon, matches usually full of intensity and emotion, which this time they solved on the fast track (52-78) those of Álvaro Somovilla. And it is that during the first quarter they were quite a whirlwind for their rival, and with a partial of 13-31 they were on track for a victory that they continued to consolidate in the following quarters. Basket León could not find a way to harm his rival, beyond the great performance of a Rodrigo Llamas who was very alone, since in front of Miguel Domínguez, Balasko or Jaime Llamas they shared the offensive production that a Kingdom of León claimed thus its supremacy in the city, leading the clash to differences around thirty points, lowering the intensity a little only in the final stretch, when everything was already sentenced.

Another of the teams that is showing good feelings in these first days is CB The Arrow, which added his third triumph (90-75) before a Hereda-Ávila Authentic-El Bulevar The one that is having a harder time starting. The first twenty minutes of the duel saw two teams evenly matched, although with Valladolid more time ahead on the scoreboard with short incomes. Herrera and Villalba pulled the Avila, but opposite Castaño, David Fernández and Pablo Martín gave the reply, making their team give the final push in a good third quarter in which they opened a gap that the visitors could no longer close, despite attempts, always well answered during the last ten minutes.

In the duel of aspiring to follow in the wake of the leaders, USAL La Antigua was victorious56-63) in view of Marin Peixegalego. The clash had alternatives for both teams, but it was the Salamancans who knew how to take the cat into the water thanks to their good work during the third quarter. In the first half, alternatives had been seen for both, with Marín entrusting himself to the offensive production of Castro and Hogan and Tormes registering a more choral performance in which Yengue, Ukawuba and Kiris were the most prominent, taking advantage of the local pothole to take an advantage that ended up being decisive to win an important victory on a difficult court.

The last of the teams with three wins is Ucoga Seguros CB Chantada-Ensino, which did not fail at home87-74) in view of Solgaleo Bosco Salesians, which remains in the bottom group. Without the superiority being overwhelming, Chantada did always stay ahead, gradually forging his advantage with Corral and Iglesias as the most outstanding men. In front, the ourensanos tried to stay close to rush their options, with Guerra leading their actions, but without the ability to return the equalizer to a score that they were seeing a little further every time, finally ending up confirming the local victory of a Chantada that he knew how to play with trade to avoid surprises against his rival.

Towards the middle zone it moves University of Valladolid, which added an important victory at home (48-59) in view of Traumacor Culleredo. The victory was based on a great first half of the pucelanos, firm in defense and with good numbers in attack, where Sierra shone to take his team to rest on the edge of twenty points in favor. Culleredo did not have his day in shooting and that weighed down the team a lot, but the Galicians did not want to give up so easily and looked for the reaction in a second half in which the Añón brothers pulled theirs, with Álvaro assisting and Christian scoring for try to tighten a difference that they managed to reduce in the final stretch, but without doing it enough to seriously disturb their rival.

Lastly, triumph for Santo Domingo Betanzos (63-59) before a Claret Innoporc that this campaign continues without being released. The Galicians were able to carry out an important duel against a direct rival, after a good third quarter in which they opened the gap on the scoreboard above ten points. Rozas and Daniel Martín were hurting an opponent who was seen against the ropes, but who was going to counterattack in the last ten minutes, in which he managed to get close with Young and Miguel Pérez as main offensive weapons, but without the ability to finally finish to turn the scoreboard, with Betanzos knowing how to suffer to avoid the comeback and stay with the victory in his fiefdom.

Triple MVP with mixed luck

This week the distinction of MVP of the day in the group it is divided between three players. So much Eduardo Castano, What Cristian Iglesias and Darmell hogan They signed brilliant performances with their teams, but only in the case of the first two could they help their team to add a victory. The one of La Flecha went to 26 points (6/9 in triples), 2 rebounds, 2 assists, 1 stolen ball and 3 received fouls; while the Chantada player had 20 points, 9 rebounds, 3 assists, 1 stolen ball and 3 received fouls; and finally, the Marín player went to 21 points (8/10 in field goals), 5 rebounds, 1 assist, 4 stolen balls, 1 block and 7 fouls received. All of these numbers led the three players to reach a total of 29 rating, thus achieving the shared distinction this week.

Highest rating

29 credits

Eduardo Castaño (The Arrow)

Cristian Iglesias (Chantada)

Darmell Hogan (Marin)

Top scorers

26 points

Eduardo Castaño (The Arrow)

24 points

Javier Domínguez (Porriño)

23 points

Ezequiel Herrera (Óbila)

Top rebounders

13 rebounds

Demian Balasko (Kingdom of León)

Juan Castro (Marin)

12 rebounds

Christian Añón (Culleredo)

Top attendees

7 assists

Álvaro Añón (Culleredo)

5 assists

Sergio Arias (Gijón)

Fernando Fernández Noval (Gijón)

Josep Cera (Bosco Ourense)


Demian Balasko (Kingdom of León) – 16pt, 13rb

Pablo Martín (The Arrow) – 14pt, 10rb

Rodrigo Llamas (Basket León) – 22pt, 11rb

Christian Añón (Culleredo) – 13pt, 12rb

Juan Castro (Marín) – 15pt, 13rb