Initial Basketball Trainer: the Municipality offers a new free training »Municipality of Córdoba

  • Intended for youth and adults, ages 16 and up.
  • Registrations, free of charge and limited spaces, are open until full capacity is reached.
  • The theoretical and practical face-to-face course begins on October 12 at the General Paz Sports Center.

The Municipality of Córdoba launches the Initial Basketball Trainer Course with the aim of training people with a determined vocation for service to serve as basketball coaches in their sector of influence or other non-federated social sphere.

It is intended for young people and adults, aged 16 and over with the approved basic cycle, whether or not they are linked to the teaching of basketball, with free registration and limited places. To register, enter the following link.

With this initiative, the Undersecretariat of Sports and Recreation, dependent on the Municipal Government Secretariat, seeks to promote the training of human resources suitable for carrying out sports and recreational activities, in order to provide new and better services in various sectors of our capital city. Likewise, with the firm purpose of promoting the actions of the Sports and Recreation Undersecretariat, it is valid to establish relations and exchange agreements with public and private organizations and institutions. Accompanying the completion of this training, the Cordoba Basketball Association and the Cordoba Association of Basketball Technicians (ACOTEBA).

Through the Training Program, classes will be held at the General Paz Sports Center on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8 pm to 10 pm, for seven weeks. It will begin on Tuesday, October 12 and end on November 25, under the face-to-face modality with theoretical-practical subjects.

The activities that will take place in the meetings are the following:

-Foundation of training.

-Basketball philosophy

-Individual Technique: movements without the ball, changes of rhythms, starts, stops, basic technical aspects of the race, changes of direction, jumps in one and two feet.

-Dribling: changes of direction of rhythm and hands.

-Pass: Commitment of the passer and receiver.

-Launches: rhythms of one beat and two beats.

-Individual tactic.

-Defense and attack.

-Special regulatory situations according to categories.

More information: 433-9105 or via email: