The seven sins of Ancelotti’s Madrid

Is it a crisis or is it just a bump? Why has Madrid crashed after a spectacular start? These are the seven sins of the Madrid by Ancelotti. Some seemed forgotten about the Zidane stage, but they have come to light again. Others respond to some puzzling decisions of the coach.

The best midfield in the world?

Ancelotti has repeated on several occasions that he has the best med

io field of the world. That there are plenty of variants and that there is a lot of competition. But

the reality is that the main line that has given so many successes seems more on the wire than ever



It is not at its best level but it has been seen against Espanyol that it has no replacement,


comes out of injury and against Espanyol his shortcomings and


he can’t manage the team. In fact, the great start of Madrid was without them. Carlo seemed to have taken over, with

Valverde, Camavinga and even Asensio

, but his display before him


stayed there.

The imbalance, a new problem:

This problem is new. Zidane seemed to be clear that with the squad he had, he was not able to go out for all and he played more protected.

Ancelotti wanted to change it, but it worked for him while Madrid thrashed

, something that has not happened in the last three games, and is one of the teams with the most goals in the league,

with ten goals against in eight games.

Madrid cannot recover the ball as the coach wants and they also surprise him in very easy transitions because it is difficult for him to return.

Goal foul returns:

Madrid went back to thrashing with Ancelotti.

Four goals against Alavés, five against Celta, six against Mallorca …

But in the last three games he was left without seeing the door before him


, did a bit to


, from a penalty, and Benzema scored again against Espanyol. The lack of goal coincides with the excessive dependence again on

Karim Benzema

, the only one who maintains his streak since the start of the championship

with 11 goals in ten games. Vinícius, Rodrygo or Asensio

, who is now injured, they no longer score. Jovic plays something else but does not score either.

Injuries are still another front:

Zidane’s Madrid surpassed 50 injuries during the season,

well above their direct rivals in the League. It is a problem that continues.


He hasn’t even appeared this season yet and suffered a relapse,


does not come out of the tunnel,


I could come back after the break


has yet to leave one more month …


was injured with the Olympic, but the last medical part has been added


with overload on the back,


with gluteal problems, and


with a blow to the ankle.

The continuous changes of Ancelotti:

The coach has been

one of those indicated for the defeat against Espanyol due to the general confusion of the team

, especially in the first half.

Carlo opted for Kroos in Casemiro’s position,

as he did in his first stage, in his effort to place a player with a clean exit of the ball in that position, but it did not work.


He played more advanced, he has also done it where Casemiro and even on the wing with Carlo’s changes against Sherrif in search of the comeback.

Alaba started as a central defender, but in Barcelona he made his debut in white on the side,

where he has also tried

Miguel Gutierrez

and Nacho. On the right has played his own


, against Mallorca, and central and on the left side.

Lucas Vazquez

he was the right-back in Cornellà, but he was also a winger in two games at 4-3-3.


He has also changed position several times, from the winger against Villarreal to the midfield or even the winger.

Hazard doesn’t quite make the leap:

One of Ancelotti’s goals that Zidane did not achieve is

get the best Hazard back

. Although the start of this season is the best long over the previous two years, it has not just established itself in the eleven. And the truth is that it was a signing to make a difference and the best Hazard would mean a huge leap in the potential of Ancelotti’s Madrid. The coach has made it clear that the Belgian lacks a great game to gain confidence.

For now, the good feelings remain at that, because he has zero goals and one assist, and alternates ownership with the bench.

Attitude or lack of concentration?

Ancelotti explained in the press conference after the defeat that they have to see the reason why the attitude of the team has changed in this last week. But the truth is that

Carlo’s Madrid have conceded some goals since the start of the season as a result of improper mistakes by a team that wants to aspire to win the League or the Champions League

. One of the many that best portrays this situation is the Sheriff’s 1-2, which is born from a throw-in and in which concentration and intensity are lacking to defend the play. “We have been few aggressive. We have lost duels.

We have changed the attitude from the technical and tactical aspect of the game “, commented Ancelotti

after consummating the first defeat in the league, the second in a row, and the third game without winning.