“I hope to continue defending the crown with them”

Capurro obtained the last ticket to the Bronze Cup, by beating Urunday Universitario. Abril Ramírez broke it all and after the victory, he spoke with Básquet Total, after qualifying for the final stage of the tournament, which he could not play last year due to the pandemic.

The Wolves achieved the classification to the cup of which they were able to be champions last season on the last date, after an uncomplicated regular phase: “The idea is to defend the crown. I couldn’t participate in the playoffs last year, but I was with the girls at all times. As this year I have the opportunity, I hope to continue defending the crown with them. I want Capurro to become champion and to gradually raise the cups ”.

After a locked first half, the bullfights began to unlock Capurro in the game: “The first half cost us a bit, but we found each other play by play. We also saw what Urunday wanted to play and try to cancel their game, as much as they did to us. So we had to go looking for more variants and pass the game through the hands that had to happen at the time. We were finding the hole and continuing with the intensity up until the last second ”.

Ramírez contributed to the rojinegras in all areas, with 21 points, 20 rebounds, 7 assists and 9 steals: “I don’t remember a game like that, as divided as it is now, but my last good game was with August 25, which just didn’t happen to us. But I am very happy with the result today. It is for what I come, what I have come to deliver to Capurro and what I give individually ”.

Capurro will have Trouville on his closest horizon and Abril referred to the playoff stage: “It is a tournament from scratch. You have to keep the rod where it is or raise it a little more. As much as we have won in the regular phase against Trouville, it is a new game, they may have trained much more than us, or not. It’s starting from scratch, keeping your head up and trusting us ”.

Argentina also made a balance of what was the participation of the Lobas in the regular phase: “We had a very complicated regular phase where Capurro had a lot to give, unfortunately we didn’t. But by winning this match and qualifying again for the Bronze Cup, we have the opportunity to show what we are. There were games, like against 25 that I went very badly, because we deserved it, we had a good game. Although I played a good game individually, I was much happier collectively, because we gave what Capurro is in itself, but I was very proud because we deserved it ”.

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“I hope to continue defending the crown with them”