Justin Fields, the great hope of Chicago

Bill Russells 6 will retire from the entire NBA

11/18/2022 On at 21:22 TEC The Chicago Bears quarterback is offering a better version in his second season in the NFL after a struggling first year as a rookie Justin Fields broke the record for rushing yards by a quarterback in a game two weeks ago with 178, once again demonstrating his incredible athleticism. Selected … Read more

After the storm comes calm: Dani Alves and the hope of a new beginning for Pumas

After the storm comes calm Dani Alves and the hope scaled

This was the presentation of Dani Alves with Pumas (Video: Infobae México/Ximena Ochoa) As in the worst horror movies, the set of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) experienced a gloomy month of May, which it was thought as the beginning of another dark age for the institutionwhere signings that did not pay off … Read more

Kenny Pickett, hope of the Steelers and the great story of the NFL Draft 2022

Kenny Pickett hope of the Steelers and the great story

Kenny Pickett had a great 2021 with the University of Pittsburgh and is now competing for the starting job with the Steelers AP Termin one of the Drafts strangest of the NFL in recent years, just one quarterback chosen in the first round and until the 20th pick. The Pittsburgh Steelers, a team with an … Read more

Courtois: “I hope they don’t boo me and that it’s a happy return”

1649107271 Courtois I hope they dont boo me and that its

Courtois has attended the media of UEFA in the previous of the Champions League quarter-final tie against Chelsea. The Belgian meta fights one more edition for conquer a title that resists, either in the form of eliminations or in the form of a Lisbon final that slipped out of his hands. In addition, he is … Read more

Running backs hope to change perception at NFL combine

Running backs hope to change perception at NFL combine

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — Kenneth Walker III believes NFL scouts may treat running backs unfairly this year. Walker perceives that there is a group of talented and multifaceted players. More than one would deserve to be selected in the first round of the draft that will take place in April. In fact, Walker could be at … Read more

Zinchenko, to Putin: “I hope you die painfully”

Zinchenko to Putin I hope you die painfully

Oleksandr Zinchenko, Ukrainian player of Manchester City, wished the death of Vladimir Putin, president of Russiavia Instagram during the escalation of tension this Wednesday prior to the first Russian offensive in Ukraine that began this Thursday. “I hope you die in the most painful way, monster,” he wrote along with a photo of an appearance … Read more

“I hope to become a professional and live off basketball”: Santiago Camacho

1641899367 I hope to become a professional and live off basketball

For Sergio Melendez January 10, 2022 at 5:58 p.m. The young man Santiago Camacho It is one of the most important promises that Mexican basketball has. Originally from Guadalajara, Jalisco, Santi He belongs to the prestigious NBA Academy Latin America, he wants to get the most out of it to develop as a player and … Read more