How Golden State beat Dallas in Game 1 and who has an advantage in Game 2

The Golden State Warriors breezed past the Dallas Mavericks in Game 1 of the Western Conference Finals, and come out as favorites to take a 2-0 lead in contention on Friday night.

The 25-point lead at the end, 112-87, does not even really show the dominance that the locals in Golden State had over Dallas, leaving their mark at 19-1 in the first Conference Finals game they played at home under the command of Steve Kerr.

Luka Doncić He was far from the level he showed in the previous two rounds of the postseason and if the Mavericks intend to return or at least extend the series, the Slovenian star will have to score more points and receive more help from his teammates.

By the way, Dallas is not liquidated, far from it. In the previous series, against the best regular-season team in the NBA, the Mavs rolled out of Phoenix 0-2 only to turn the tide of contention and advance seven games. The problem is that the Warriors are not the Suns, and Stephen Curry and company know perfectly the instance they are playing.

If the Warriors want to go 2-0 from home



The Golden State Warriors point guard was decisive in the victory against Dallas, not only for his points but also for his defensive work as the team’s best rebounder (12).

one.- They will have to continue with their clear game plan of isolating and making life impossible for Luka Doncić so that other players have to shoulder the team.

Doncic scored just 20 points in Game 1 after he entered the series averaging 31.5 points in the current postseason.

The Warriors double-covered Doncic seven times Wednesday. The Mavericks were just 1-of-5 shooting for four points and one turnover on those plays.

two.- Many knew that the Mavericks had to stop Stephen Curry, Draymond Green Y Klay Thompson. But few imagined Golden State would have seven players in double digits, including two off the bench, from both sides of the floor.

Kevin LooneyGreen and Otto Porter Jr.. they played terrific defense, plus they combined to score 30 points on 14 shots and 18 shots.

Everyone is aware of the damage Curry can do with the ball in his hands, but it’s hard to anticipate that he would have 12 rebounds to lead the team.

If the “Splash Brothers” (Curry and Thompson) get a little better on their 3-point shooting, it remains to be seen who can stop the Warriors. Between them, they only scored four of 13 3-point attempts.

3.- It will seem very elementary, but in the case of the Warriors, the support of their people at home has been essential. The two previous times they have won the first two home games in a postseason they have been champions: 2017 and 2018.

Instead, neither team has recovered to reach the NBA Finals after losing the first two games in the first three rounds of the playoffs. Dallas has already lost the opening two games against the Utah Jazz and Phoenix, and the first against the Warriors on Wednesday.

Anyone who has been to the Warriors’ home in the postseason will know how much pressure and distraction those fans can cause.

If the Mavericks want to tie the series



The Mavs star acknowledged that he has to raise his level for the second game. Here we review all his shots and turnovers.

one.- Luka Doncic will have to play better than he did in Game 1, including taking much better care of the ball.

Doncic had his worst game of the current postseason in points scored (20), field goal percentage made and 3-pointers. In addition, his turnovers not only prevented the Mavericks from producing more points, but also resulted in changes in the game’s momentum.

For example, trailing 38-35 with 5:53 left in the second period, Doncic fumbled a shot that Draymond Green immediately converted to go 40-35 away and never get close to Dallas again.

two.- The Mavericks need more presence in the paint and particularly below the rim. The Warriors scored 44 points in the paint, compared to 32 for Dallas; 14 of Golden State’s points came on offensive second chances to just eight from the Mavericks.

Dwight Powell He has always suffered under the board against physical players. Neither he nor Maxi Cleber They could never match the pace of Green or Looney, let alone their power.

It’s hard to win when you’re down 15 rebounds (51-35).

3.- Dallas needs to plant himself better to shoot, especially when he has an open shot.

With 31 percent shooting from the field and 22.9 percent from 3-point range, it’s hard to think of beating an explosive team like the Warriors, who didn’t have a great night from outside the arc either, but still managed to shoot 34.5 per game. hundred of those shots.

Luka only made six baskets and shots with a defender opposite him only made 16.7 percent, his worst game in the NBA postseason. He entered Game 1 shooting 43.6 percent in those types of situations.

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How Golden State beat Dallas in Game 1 and who has an advantage in Game 2