Hato Mayor opens its sub-14 basketball tournament and takes the oath of office

The Hato Mayor Basketball Association (ABAHAMA) inaugurated the U-14 children’s basketball tournament, corresponding to this year, in which 13 teams from the various sectors of the main municipality and the Los Hatillos satellite community participate.

The opening ceremony was preceded by an emotional parade from the Mercedes de la Rocha central park to the Héctor “El Vikingo” Monegro sports center, in which the teams from Los Multis, Las Malvinas, Ondina, Gualey, Barrio Lindo and Las Mercedes participated.

In addition, Villa Navarro, Marcelino Vega (Villa Canto), Punta de Garza, Puerto Rico, Las Guamas and Deportivo Hato Mayor and Los Hatillos.

The tournament is dedicated to Juan Félix Lluberes (Pachuco), former president of ABAHAMA and recognized sports leader and lover of the discipline of the hoop and ball.

Prior to the opening ceremony, the new members of the ABAHAMA executive committee were sworn in by the Dominican Basketball Federation (FEDOMBAL).

Opening ceremony

The central speech was given by the new president of ABAHAMA, Ramón Emilio Pina (Monchi), who highlighted the great effort they made in record time to mount the U-14 children’s tournament, since the school holidays are short.

He announced that the new ABAHAMA executive committee has a great challenge and a tight schedule to raise the levels of basketball in the Hato Mayor province.

The words of welcome were delivered by the new general secretary of ABAHAMA, Luis Manuel Guilamo (Palillo), followed by the provincial director of the Ministry of Sports in Hato Mayor, Amadito de la Cruz.

Words of motivation were offered by the provincial governor, Julia Mery Vásquez, while the sports exhortation was given by Israel Altagracia, representative of FEDOMBAL.

The sports oath was carried out by Orlando Santana, ABAHAMA’s finance secretary, while the honor kick was given by deputy Santiago Vilorio, accompanied by authorities and sports leaders.

The activity was also attended by the municipal mayor, Amado de la Cruz, councilors Wendy Gil and Adriel Alburquerque; the director of the 05-04 School District, Manuel Enríquez Martínez, as well as Nelson Amparo, representing Senator Cristóbal Castillo, the provincial director of Culture, José C. Pacheco, the president of the Sports Union, Nicolás Núñez, leaders of the clubs , members of the press, among other guests.

FEDOMBAL swears in new ABAHAMA executive committee

Prior to the opening ceremony, the new ABAHAMA executive committee was sworn in by the vice president of FEDOMBAL, Israel Altagracia.

It is made up of himself, as president, Ramón Emilio Pina (Monchi); vice presidents, Erick Dante Pappaterra, Pablo Moneró and Freddy Capellán; Secretary General, Luis Manuel Guilamo; secretary of minutes and correspondence, Santo Villobe de la Cruz Cueto; finance secretary, Orlando Santana, and as members Bruce Leo, Elpidio Peguero Gil and Luis Jerameel Mota Pacheco.