The Chievo Verona disappears

Huge sadness in the ‘calcium’. At midnight on Saturday it was consummated the disappearance of Chievo Verona, which could not cope with the economic problems that caused its administrative decline to the Fourth Division.

The Chievo leaders wanted to rebuild the club starting from the bottom, but could not find an investor before the limit that had been set. So the Veronese team ceases to exist as of this season, in which initially it had to play in Serie B (Second).

Great pain feels the one who was the legendary captain of Chievo, the retired Sergio Pellissier, who played in that team from 2002 to 2019 and who did everything possible to find that group of investors who would buy the club. The former striker himself tried to acquire it, but he lacked financial and business support.

The financial problems of Chievo, founded in 1929, increased due to the coronavirus pandemic and the Italian Football Federation (FIGC) has not allowed its registration. The club filed an appeal but the TAR (Regional Administrative Court) rejected it. His place, at that time, went to Cosenza, which has risen in the offices from Serie C to Serie B.

At the same time that the TAR made the ruling official, the FIGC informed Chievo Verona that, if the club wanted, it could compete in Serie D (Fourth), but that all Chievo players, technicians and staff would be free. by not competing in the category for which they were originally hired.

After being declared bankrupt, Chievo finally disappeared at the end of the term for a new owner to take over the club and start competing in Serie D.

Pellissier wrote on Instagram: “Unfortunately, the history of that club that has given me so much has ended today. Today is one of the saddest days of my life. I tried hard and had high hopes of being able to restart with another club and continue with This fantastic story would have been wonderful. But unfortunately I didn’t make it. “

[+] Chievo’s last friendly, less than a month ago:

The Chievo Verona disappears

Chievo, one of the historic players of ‘Calcio’, was promoted to Serie A for the first time in 2001 and in 2001-02 they finished 5th, qualifying for the UEFA Cup. In 2002-03, 7th, as in 2005-06, when in the end he was 4th after sanctions for the corruption scandal in Italian football and played the Champions League qualifier.

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The season in which Chievo would play the preview of the top continental competition was the worst. After being eliminated by Levski Sofía and failing to reach the Champions League, and after being felled by Sporting Braga in UEFA, the team finished 17th in Serie A and returned to Second.

In 2007-2008 Chievo managed to return to Serie A, in which it remained until 2018-2019, in which a scandal denounced by Crotone against Chievo for financial irregularities led the FIGC to sanction the club with three points less, something that destabilized the entire structure and started the decline that has ended with the sad disappearance.