Granny goes viral on TikTok by showing off her basketball skills

TikTok did his magic again now a video of a granny showing her best skills playing basketball has gone viral. Next, we tell you the story and why it went viral.

The moment was published by the user @jcarlossando and quickly went viral.

In the material you can see the grandmother who was playing basketball; even, manages to score against the opposing team.

“My grandmother playing basketball,” reads the description of the video.

So far, the video has more than a million views and hundreds of comments from users of the Chinese social network.

Some of the messages that stand out are:

  • “Not even LeBron… Granny in Oaxaca like this scores and plays basketball.”
  • “Without a doubt, she is the best until they left with her feint.”
  • “He has more condition than me.”
  • “What a beautiful lady, full of energy, this video encouraged me to get excited about life.”
  • “I love you granny who plays basketball.”

Young man discovers infidelity with TikTok

Another story that went viral is that of this young woman who discovered that her boyfriend is cheating on her, while she was recording a TikTok video.

It all started with the user identified as @gh0bbs decided to make a funny video with his friends, following the trend of “Bing Bong”which is very popular in the United Kingdom, where he lives.

Everything seemed to be normal, but while recording, She moved the camera a little and realized that her boyfriend was kissing another woman.

The material was uploaded to the social network of Chinese origin under the title “When you discover your boyfriend cheating on you while doing a tiktok.”

In a comment, the girl decided to write “no girlfriends were harmed in the process of this TikTok”, which caused more doubts among her followers.

The moment went viral immediately and so far it has more than 500 thousand reproductions and hundreds of comments from various users.

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Granny goes viral on TikTok by showing off her basketball skills