Gonzalo Salgueiro: “We no longer tolerate the hostile climate and violence. We say enough”

The president of the binding of Official Basketball Judges, Gonzalo Salgueirospoke out for the repeated attacks on the referees of this sport during the matches in recent days.

The first of UJOBB He expressed in Puro Básquetbol (Sport 890) that if something like this happens again they will be very strict with the regulations: “The first instance (whether offenses against referees or rivals) will be a warning, the second is a complaint and the third we leave the field ” .

“We are worried about the climate that is being experienced on the courts. We are worried that this will happen to majors, that something serious will happen that we will all regret,” said Salgueiro, adding that the leaders would have to set an example to “lower the ball to the floor” and end the violence.

The last date of Uruguayan Basketball League It did not happen normally and in three of the duels there was inappropriate behavior on the part of one of the parties. It all started last Friday with the broken glass of the confrontation between Olympia and Penarol. That same day the referee Diego Borghini received a spittle from a fan and the arbitration body decided to expel some partials from the stands for insults.

The same day, Urunday University and National the faces were seen in a match that also generated repercussions. Judge Alejandra Godoy whistled two technical fouls on player Nicolás Delgado and he threw himself at her to confront the judge’s action. After that, the referee published on her social networks that the player had squeezed her wrist and that it had turned red.

There was also an out of place event in the duel between Trouville and bigua. When there were 40 seconds left before the duel ended, Víctor Rudd made an offensive gesture to the rival’s partiality, which caused the people from the Pocitos cast to enter the field (an issue for which they can penalize the club).

Salgueiro said that these situations are no more and maintained: “We no longer tolerate the hostile climate and violence. We say enough.”

How is the LUB

The activity returns on Thursday with a single match, where the duel between Urunday Universitario and Nacional will resume (8:00 p.m.). Then, the local tournament can be paused so that the Uruguay national team play the playoffs for him World Cup 2023.

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Gonzalo Salgueiro: “We no longer tolerate the hostile climate and violence. We say enough”