Gold Defender

The party started something imprecise on the part of both. Defender based his game on the bass with shots from his insiders, while Aguada sought to prevail in individual actions. The merged ones continued to insist with Schiavo in the painting, although with offensive deficiencies. This was taken advantage of by the aguateras, since Herrera’s work under the rim was joined by rapid transitions with the outside shot of Basualdo and Herrera herself to go to the front and close the boy 14-9.

Those directed by Gino Alderete were more accurate at the offensive level, but without success. Same result for the San Martín street team, which was looking for success with the outside shot. In this way, both bet again on the internal game improving their results. Kelly Orejuela’s injury and subsequent departure, plus goals from Schiavo and Sosa equalized the game. Two bombs by Maria Paz Rivera allowed her to regain the lead, added to Ale’s free play at the end gave Defe a 27-23 lead after the first half.

With a quick 4-0, the aguateras tied the shares at 27. The merged ones resorted to the free ones to recover the rent. Herrera put the team on his shoulder in scoring, being essential in the Aguada team to go through the minimum, with an end equalized from goal to goal and when it seemed that a double and a lack of da Costa allowed him to close the first half In advantage, Nadia Hernández was key so that both left 40 equal to the long rest.

The last period showed the Jaime Zudañez street cast very solid in defense and showing a lethal effectiveness from Panetta’s hand in the areas close to the painting. And as if it were a triple contest, the two made home from 6.75. Basualdo was in charge of carrying the bomas in the water tank, while Schiavo and Cordara did the same for the reigning champions to maintain the difference in the final stretch. With Herrera back on the court, Aguada could not repeat the formula that had given him success in the first half and a very good collective finish from Defensor allowed him to close out a tough game and win the match in figures of 61 – 50.

In the winners, Lucía Schiavo was the most outstanding with 15 points, 3 reboes and 5 assists. In Aguada, Sofía Herrera was the top scorer of the match with 22 points and 13 rebounds.