EBA: Winter balance

With the EBA League in the middle of the Christmas break, it is time to take stock and see which teams are in the optimal situation to try the dream of LEB Plata. Sixteen will be those who play the Final Promotion Phases, which will put into play six tickets to dispute the LEB Silver 22/23.

Group A

Two subgroups and three places in the running for the Finals. The first classified of each of the groups (direct classification for the FF) will be joined by a third team that will start from an F4 between the second and third of each group.

In the AA, which @ocbista reviews monthly, two teams share balance (12-2) and they dispute the leadership. On the one hand, the Baskonia B by Ricardo Úriz, with veterans who offer a lot of solidity (Solé, Portález, Radojičić) and young people who grow up in a balanced way (Sow, Macura, Pirela). The other team at the top is the CB Santurtzi SK Iñigo Núñez, who has met initial expectations and has a wide rotation and quality players who do not fail (Zamora, Artiñano, Orellano).

Behind, many teams aspire to obtain one of those places that give access to the F4 of Group A or even, why not, reach the leadership. Two wins and with 10-4: Cantbasket04 (and his foreign legion: Felizor, Cabrera, Knowles …), the revelation Getxo SBT (and its high rhythm) and Mondragon Unibersitatea (and his veteran block). Even teams like LBC cocinas.com (9-5), if he can take a step forward with the arrival of Kurt James, or Ardoi mega shoes Y Nissan Santiago Group (both with 8-6).

In the AB Group, whose chronicle brings us closer each week @lsdpg, there is a team that leads the table with power: the USAL La Antigua (14-1) by Óscar Núñez; The Salamanca team has a large squad in which Yengue and Harrison repeat, who continue to be key, and to which players of caliber such as Ukawuba have joined. Eye behind his pursuers, who are still keeping the guy. The Leclerc Caja Rural Reino de León (12-3) Álvaro Somovilla has taken a step forward after several years growing up, marking differences between men like Miguel Domínguez and Sergio Martínez, well supported by foreign reinforcement Balasko. It is also at a high level the Porriño Base Basketball (12-3) by Jenaro Alonso, with the “usual” players in good shape (Vaquero, Cardito, Domínguez and company).

Outside of the first three positions there are as many teams trying to reach them. Obradoiro Silleda (11-4) continues to offer high performance and, captained by a Sergi Huguet with an increasing presence in ACB, “already veteran” players such as Cal and Barreiro give guarantees to be at the top. Eye also to ULE Basket Leon (10-4), with a defined spine and youthful to go up (Morchón-CopesCalls-Marinović). In the last hole in the upper area, a Ucoga Seguros CB Chantada Ensino (9-6) that seeks to re-green old laurels and little by little they are catching the tone with players like Aller or Rey.

B Group

Another group that is the protagonist every week on this website by the hand of @lopezrosa. With four spots at stake in a single regular league, there is still a lot to decide and everything is wide open, although three teams distance themselves from the others. The leader is CB Pozuelo (11-3), where the arrival of Chema Gil has been an incentive to a consolidated bloc with Borja López, Rodrigo or Arias. Also printing season that of the Basketball Alcala (10-4), with the backcourt young MendezUnanue at a superlative level and complemented by the mobility and offensive instinct of the ‘four’ Alvaro Biersack. Another that does not fail is the Real Madrid subsidiary (10-3); Maybe the white team is not the roller of other years, but the quality is there in very young players with high potential like Klavžar, Baba Miller, Veesaar or Eli John N’Diaye.

For the last place, everything to be decided, with a wide range of candidates. Maybe Uros de Rivas (8-5) may be the strongest team in the remaining squad, but Lujisa Guadalajara Basket, Globalcaja Quintanar, NCS Alcobendas or CB La Matanza, among others, can make a qualitative leap in the classification at any moment.

Group C

This conference is divided into three subgroups in the form of a league. With four places that give access to the Final Phases, the teams seek to secure the best position in each group. The first two of each group and the two best third parties will fight for them; Once the eight teams have been defined by their balance sheets and their positions, four qualifying rounds will determine the four classified teams. With the first round already completed, we go over each group.

In Group C1, Embou El Olivar (9-2) He is the revelation leader. The joyful and daring game of its young people has paid off, but it has also shown leadership and courage at the hands of young people like Langarita, Knudsen or the tower Aday mara, among others. Behind, a shortlist of high-value pursuers (8-3) and with a clear objective. The first one is CB Valls Optiques Teixidó, which is having a very serious season thanks to the high performance of veteran Marcus Toledo, who arrived from Oro, and the quality of the backcourt Emilio Martínez-Besora. The BBA Castelldefels by Raül Martínez has already established himself as a clear contender after several seasons of progression and a block that is well known (the Mañes brothers, Carreras, Serrataco …). Also watch out for Ibersol CB Tarragona that started strong, but which some adverse results took him out of the first place; Berni Álvarez has formed a team with weight players such as Tugores, Outerbridge and Hoexum, who join youth players such as Buscail or Ndour. Without losing track of them you are Brisasol CB Salou (7-4), which picks up pace after its last weight wins against Valls and Tarragona, supported by the Baltà-Barksdale duo.

Roto is Group C2 between the upper and lower zone, with four teams fighting for those three privileged positions. Torrons Vicens CB L’Hospitalet (10-1) is the solid leader; Experienced players in the team and quality players such as Homs, San Epifanio and Real were joined by solid pieces such as Nakidjim’s physique, the offensive quality of the rookie Marcus Latham and young people of the house like Tarrida. Behind Hospi, three teams with 8-3: Monbus CB Igualada (and his usual hard core with the Fons, Tejero or Pérez), Tenea CB Esparreguerra (whose weight reinforcements in recent years are noted: Sergi Pino, Barquets, Guim Expósito, Damián Jiménez) and Prosperplast Alfindén (with an interior game of weight -Malo & Diagne- and the quality of Knowles making a difference).

Overwhelming dominance in Group C3 of the undefeated Barça B (11-0); Roger Grimau does not let the young culés lower the piston and the high rotation does the rest in a squad where it gives the impression that several players are out of the category (Caicedo, Ubal, Bonilla Y Nnaji, among others). Watch out for your pursuers. The Basketball Girona B (9-2) it has surprised and is there; a true team without stars but with good players like Espinosa or the young Moncanut and Kevin Torres. With the first round completed, the third of this group would not have a place in the decisive heats, with several teams that aspire to that position with improved balance. The Sol Gironès Bisbal Bàsquet (7-3) from the scoring combo Xavi Torrent has options to be with one game less; behind him, three teams with 7-4: the UE Mataró Germans Homs of the prominent Jordi Juanola, the CB Navàs Viscola of the Fallou Niang phenomenon and a classic like the CB Vic University of Vic.

Group D

The first two of each of the two subgroups will play respective eliminatory rounds from which the two representatives who will go to the FF will come out.

In the DA, a lot of equality in the upper zone, with three teams tied for first place (8-3). Your Super CB La Zubia wants to repeat and has wickers; Didi García continues to be the driving force behind, but the team also has inner strength with Javi Hernández, Rodríguez and Eloy Almazán. Another team that is meeting expectations is a Ecoculture Costa de Almería that it has a very local block; Luis Rueda and Casini make a difference in the backcourt, Reyes is a sure value and the U22 Molina and Strukov are at a great level. Close the trident a Unicaja Andalusia that he is playing at a very high level and that he loses Pablo Sánchez (one month on loan to Melilla from LEB Oro); In addition, their juniors progress at a great pace (Luque, Fernández, Folgueiras, Isaac…). Eye to a OH! Tels ULB (7-4) who does not lose track of them, with Matoso dominating in the hoops and weighty people like Espadiña, Yome or Tavío in the squad. Follow in his wake CB Novaschool Rincón de la Victoria and CAB Estepona (both with 6-5).

In the DB, there are four teams with clear aspirations for the two positions. The leader is a City of Huelva (10-1) that it is going to more and that it has the seniority of Cárdenas and Víctor Pérez, the centimeters of Domínguez, the usual block and more rotations such as Pape Sow or the American interior Eighme; After solving bureaucratic issues, Chukuka gives even more potential to a high-caliber team. Great season of CBSFDO (9-2), which with the summer signings of Heras, Gallardo and Ezomo, together with renovations such as Paz, have made them a very dangerous team. Huelva Commerce (9-2) He wants some of his cake too, and reinforcements from Michael Crane and Mockaitis are the best sign; these join quality players like Fede Ristori and Torres and the compact block formed by Villamil, Tejada and Robertson. Team quartet closes Sacred Heart Lithium Iberia (8-3) from Andreas Tsoumanis Y Mario linde, two regular U22s from our weekly review.

Group E

A first phase with three subgroups of eight teams and with two days remaining to finish will give way to the second leg of the campaign, with eight teams qualifying for the promotion group: the best two from each group (six teams) and the best two third parties. The truth is that it is already known who will be the first two of each group, only remaining to decide which third parties will enter the cut.

In the EA Group, Refitel Bàsquet Llíria (10-1) of Víctor Rubio on the bench has made a bet for offensive basketball with the player Ródenas, the strength of Osarenren and the experience of Víctor Pérez. Behind, NB Torrent (9-3), who is having a good season giving opportunities to young people and with key players such as Carratalà or Mark Hetor Mensah. CB Puerto Sagunto (7-4) Y EB Vila-real (7-5) they strive to be one of the best third parties.

What a good season of NB Paterna Power Electronics (11-1) in the EB Group, with Carlos Cerdán as the star and Sergio Padilla already as an important established player. Follows him in the table Angels Vision UPB Gandia (10-2), with a block that remains with Hernández, Zamora, Merencio and Vera, which has been joined by projection players such as Terrades and Soler. Picken Claret (8-4) Y Servigroup Benidorm (7-5), with options to enter as one of the best third parties.

After his descent from LEB Plata, Hozono Global Jairis he’s intractable and he’s still undefeated (11-0). A team with players with a past in LEB and whose objective is to promote. The Ballestas, Adrián Méndez, Shankey or Ferragut are joined by weight rotations such as Costa, Bergadà or the inner power of Mukendi. Behind them, the subsidiary of UCAM Murcia CB (9-3), where the experience of Jasen and the physical power of Omar He motivates even more young people full of quality such as Sørensen, Mestoğlu, Shopkeeper or Arjol. Two candidates like him fight for third place Sercomosa Molina Basket (7-5) Y Archena Health (6-5), the latter with one game less, like the leader.

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EBA: Winter balance