Dispar luck ran the Women’s Basketball Branch last weekend

Last weekend the Women’s Branch with all its series had competition.

On basketball Sunday there was an audience in the Prosecutor’s stands, who, following a strict sanitary protocol reinforced by the board of directors and local representatives of the Women’s Branch, were able to enjoy good games.

The training series faced CAB Puerto Montt. The first to jump onto the court of the Puerto de Navarra campus were the players of the U9 series, a category where there is no scoreboard, who demonstrated their progress in basketball practice. Later, a solid U13 of the Puerto Varas Women’s Branch beat the visitors 77-30. The locals displayed a great collective game and were forceful against the rival ring. Later it was the turn of the U11 series, which unfortunately could not play since CAB Puerto Montt did not present a team at that level. Later, in what was the most contested match of the day, the locals were inclined in the last second by 48 to 51. They ended the day with a home defeat of the U18 by 38 to 76.

For the training series, the competition continues next Saturday, October 2, with the second date of the Women’s Training League when they face a visit to Comunal Llanquihue.

Adult Series

The adult series of the Puerto Varas Women’s Basketball Branch played a home run last Sunday at the Las Camelias School Gymnasium in Puerto Montt, teams from Osorno, Ancud and Puerto Montt also participated. In a tough encounter in the first instance, the lake players defeated Ancud going on to face Osorno in the grand final, which, thanks to their good game, they eventually won, becoming champions of the tournament. To increase the joy of the champion team, the player Constanza Patiño was highlighted as the top scorer of the championship.

The next challenge of the Puerto Varas Female Branch Adult Series will be the UACh Cup, in which Byaf de Frutillar, Camelias Basket de Puerto Montt, Austral Basket de Puerto Montt, CDSC Femenino LIZH and CDSC Academia Austral, Alianza Escuela Melipulli will also participate. from Puerto Montt. The Puertovarinas Debut will be on October 13 against Frutillar’s team.