De Cecco: the great Tatengue heart passer

1628355051 De Cecco the great Tatengue heart passer

The things that have crossed his mind … As many as balls for his hands. And vibrations in your heart. Tatengue heart.

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This is the sports life of Luciano De Cecco, the Santa Fe shipowner of 1.91 meters and 33 years old who plays in the Lube Civitanova, champion of Italy, the NBA of volleyball. Cachete is one of the best in the world in his position, captain of this team in which he debuted at age 18. He is the brain on and off the court, always with the right word and magic hands. He remained solid throughout the tournament and did not fail in the decisive game for bronze against Brazil.

This is how De Cecco fought for the medal.

This is how De Cecco fought for the medal.

The statistics will say that Luciano ‘barely’ contributed three points in the victory against Verdeamarela (one from attack, two from blocking) and that he only added 19 in the entire competition. However, his thing happened on the other side: the assembly of the game. There were 51 deliveries and five low hand passes. In the Olympic Games, he fought the throne hand in hand with the Brazilian Bruno Rezende, averaging 10.34 passes per set and with an enviable effectiveness: 362 were excellent, 323 in play and he barely registered two errors …

“Thank you all for being there, for banking, this is a joy of the soul. We must enjoy it all together. It is a reward for effort, this group believed more than anyone in itself. We went for the impossible. Hopefully volleyball takes this push to continue growing, “said Cachete in the post game.

Celebrate Cachete.

Celebrate Cachete.

From Cecco, much more than volleyball

However, beyond the statistics, there was another action that surprised De Cecco. Minutes after the Olympic orgasm, perhaps in the dressing room of the Ariake Arena, perhaps on the road to the Olympic Village waiting to receive the bronze medal in that priceless ceremony, He connected mentally and technologically with his payments, with his past, with his loves. Thus, and despite the moment of shock that he was going through, he did not stop getting into his social networks and congratulate their Unión de Santa Fe on the title in the Argentine Basketball League and their promotion to the National League after beating Villa Miter de Bahía Blanca in the final series 3-1.

It has a better time than how it blocks but ...

It has a better time than how it blocks but …

“First of all on this day I congratulate @clubaunion @BasquetUnion for the Promotion. #SantaFe, ”he wrote. Then the cast from Santa Fe replied with a “Thank you, Luciano De Cecco! We congratulate you and thank you for the medal that you bring to Santa Fe ”.

Sports things, Ricardo, his father, wore the Tatengue shirt in the first years of the LNB. And what about your life today? He is the coach of Colón …