Eight strikers against the goal debate: “There is a punch, but …”

Can the Real Madrid one more season without a killer up? Or to be more exact. Can Real Madrid face the season successfully if they don’t sign Mbappé? The survey on foot of the works of the Santiago Bernabéu offers a resounding “no”. But analyzing the configuration of the squad that Real Madrid has left for the next year, it is very risky to say that Madri


“has no goal.”

The mantra of the lack of punch has haunted the white team since

Cristiano Ronaldo

will leave the

Santiago Bernabeu

three years ago. And yes, it is true that the scoring figures have been getting worse over the years, with Benzema being the only player in the squad who has improved his records without the Portuguese star in the team. The signing of a scorer forward (

Mbappé is the only candidate and Messi’s departure, possibly to PSG, invites us to dream)

It is the obsession of the club and the fans despite the fact that Madrid currently has eight forwards in the squad who have set themselves the goal of ending the debate on the punch.

Eight strikers against the goal debate There is a punch

By names,

Real Madrid’s roster of attackers is fabulous.

Benzema, Hazard, Bale, Vinicius, Asensio, Jovic, Rodrygo and Mariano

They are the eight forwards Ancelotti has this season. At least, to this day, there are few options that any of these players will leave the Madrid discipline before August 31 if they do not arrive.


. In the market there are only

Jovic and Mariano

, but neither of them dares to leave the white team. So eight forwards has


to make Madrid a team with punch.

Players with weight

1628355503 779 Eight strikers against the goal debate There is a punch

With the list in hand, Madrid does not have a bad front. And analyzing their numbers, they are not to burst into tears. All Madrid players, at some point in their careers, have shown to have a goal.


his career averages 0.48 goals per game, a figure that improves slightly with the Madrid shirt: 0.49 per game. It has been launched since the departure of Cristiano Ronaldo and is currently the fifth top scorer in the club’s history. They only surpass you

CR7, Raúl, Di Stéfano and Santillana

, which has eleven targets. He must get over it this year if nothing weird happens. In Madrid there are no longer doubts about the scoring efficiency of


, but they miss players who accompany him. More with the departure of

Sergio Ramo

s. And that’s where players like Hazard, Asensio, Vinicius … and Gareth Bale should appear. Surprisingly enough, the Welshman is convinced to stay at Madrid and is the second top scorer in the squad, with

182 goals in his career,

105 of them in white. His scoring records in Madrid are formidable and his average is close to that of Benzema: 0.41.

Six with little punch

1628355503 119 Eight strikers against the goal debate There is a punch

The problem is found by Madrid with six players with an extraordinary lineup, but whose punch has collapsed with the Madrid shirt. Neither

Hazard, neither Asensio, nor Vinicius, nor Rodrygo, nor Jovic, nor Mariano

they manage to reach 0.2 goals per game with Madrid, which is a drama for the white team. Hazard has 165 goals in his career and averages 0.37 goals per game in his career, Mariano’s average is 0.4 … But in Madrid, as

Asensio, Vini, Rodrygo or Jovic

, they do not see door.

1628355504 618 Eight strikers against the goal debate There is a punch

The big question that all the fans ask themselves is tried to answer by six journalists from the MARCA world who follow the day-to-day current affairs of Real Madrid. Almost everyone trusts Karim Benzema, but there are doubts with the rest of the attackers …

1628355504 781 Eight strikers against the goal debate There is a punch

Many will put their hands to the head when they read the headline. But yes, Madrid’s forwards have a goal. Another thing is that Madrid has hit. But individually, deny that players of the stature of

Benzema, Bale, Hazard, Asensio or Jovic

they are able to transform clear occasions into a goal does not make much sense. Madrid’s problem in recent seasons has been in the apology to generate chances, but if Ancelotti fulfills his promise of dynamic and spectacular football, the goals will come. Maybe we will not see 20 of Vinicius (that some will arrive, listen to me), but yes to


in his usual line and four players exceeding ten. Quality, spare in attack.

My top scorer:

Benzema (33 goals)

My trident:

Hazard, Benzema, Vinicius

1628355504 475 Eight strikers against the goal debate There is a punch

Madrid will have the goal that Benzema has.

It is not a blind bet, it is what a squad says that since Crisitiano’s departure has remained in the hands of Karim as a forward at the club’s level. It is true that there is Bale, who had more goal than anyone. But the letter of (re) presentation of the Welshman is a black cloud. With Mariano and Jovic, everything that is to contribute is right now a surprise. Asensio remains, a player who must constantly contribute much more. Y


. Well, more of the same, a melon that is supposed to be great but that every time it is opened something happens to spoil it. So the only sure trick is


. If the French there are few arguments to hold on to the Vinicius, Rodrygo and the others mentioned.

My top scorer:

Benzema (27 goals)

My trident

: Asensio, Benzema, Vinicius

1628355505 466 Eight strikers against the goal debate There is a punch

It is clear that Real Madrid is missing a goal. They are not guesswork, they are data. Accumulated in the last two seasons, in which

Karim Benzema

has been the best and almost only scorer of the team of


. The excellent figures of the Frenchman, the only forward who took a step forward after the departure of

Cristiano Ronaldo,

It has not been enough to cover the deficiencies of a group of footballers that should be around 15 goals per season, 10 in the League: Asensio, Vinicius, Rodrygo, Jovic and especially Eden Hazard. The scoring contribution of midfielders and defenders has also diminished, with the exception of Ramos in the final sprint of the 2020 League. There is potential, but it is proven that expectations are not met. It is necessary to sign.

My top scorer:

Benzema (25 goals)

My trident:

Asensio, Benzema, Hazard

1628355505 21 Eight strikers against the goal debate There is a punch

Madrid has the goal that Karim Benzema has in his boots.

Since the departure of Cristiano Ronaldo it has been shown that no one but the French can be trusted to produce goals. The midfielders of the squad are not arriving specialists and hardly contribute a goal and Benzema’s companions in attack do not have that nose that ensures a good ten goals per year. Neither Vinicius nor Asensio nor the rest. And there is even less confidence in

‘substitutes’ for 9

, if you can call a

Luka jovic

and a Mariano who hardly participate. If we add to that the loss of a scorer like Sergio Ramos, the scoring ability of Ancelotti’s team is very poor.

My top scorer:

Benzema (27 goals)

My trident:

Hazard, Benzema, Asensio

1628355505 779 Eight strikers against the goal debate There is a punch

Madrid do not have much goal and the data from these last two seasons say so, in which Benzema has supported a team on the offensive side and has even had to change his way of playing to adapt to what he plays: defend well and win with the right thing when, through history, Madrid has been a team that was dedicated to attacking and negotiating little in matches with the result. Until now, Madrid has not found a solution to this problem since Cristiano’s departure.


has done some very simple calculations, but mathematics does not play. “Benzema has to score 50, not 30, Vinícius has to score more …”. We already know that, and the rest of the forwards, but it does not finish happening.

My top scorer:

Benzema (35 goals)

My trident:

Hazard, Benzema, Bale

1628355505 577 Eight strikers against the goal debate There is a punch

This Real Madrid has a goal. Understand by goal, aim. Namely,


, Asensio, Hazard, Bale and


they are quite reliable when they have chances. The problem, with the exception of Karim, is his lack of regularity when it comes to generating opportunities. Just the opposite of what happens to


. The Brazilian is a constant generator of danger, but his strong point is not exactly the punch. Cristiano left and with him the “one for all”. The theory said that the goals of the Portuguese would have to be distributed among the forwards. But the “all for one” never came. Benzema has been orphaned. More than due to the lack of a goal from his teammates, due to lack of determination.

My top scorer:

Benzema (27 goals)

My trident:

Asensio, Benzema, Bale