Brooms, dead animals, skates… The list of what is prohibited from entering the Antel Arena

The semifinals of the Uruguayan Basketball League get underway this Monday at the Antel Arenathe main closed stage in Uruguay, where a rigorous access control of objects for the public was established.

At 8:15 p.m. it will be the first match between Biguá and Trouville and then, at 10:30 p.m., Peñarol and Aguada will open their series

To enter the stadium, the company AMS, in charge of security, released a list of prohibited objects that includes several items.

Alcohol, food and drinks, mate, glass or plastic bottles, and cans, cannot be entered.

It is also not allowed to enter the stadium with fireworks of any kind, or laser beam equipment or professional camera crews, which require special authorization.

It is also forbidden to enter weapons of any kind, explosives, lighters, pepper spray, tear gas and all kinds.

Basketball at the Antel Arena

The list includes the prohibition of entry of dead or alive animals (except guide animals for the disabled with a guide).

Water guns, liquid soaps, sound or percussion devices, balls of all kinds, balloons (air or helium), are also not allowed.

The list of prohibited items also includes dolls or inflatables of all kinds, broomsflags (dimensions greater than 100 x 60 cm.) and skateboards and roller skates.

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Basketball at the Antel Arena

Spectators are also prohibited from entering with “any sports team.”

The note states that “this is not a complete list” and that “ASM resolves the right to prohibit items that are not listed based on the type of event, security threat, risk, event production, professional leagues, government entities according to your wish”.

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Brooms, dead animals, skates… The list of what is prohibited from entering the Antel Arena