Brooms, dead animals, skates… The list of what is prohibited from entering the Antel Arena

Brooms dead animals skates The list of what is prohibited.webp

The semifinals of the Uruguayan Basketball League get underway this Monday at the Antel Arenathe main closed stage in Uruguay, where a rigorous access control of objects for the public was established. At 8:15 p.m. it will be the first match between Biguá and Trouville and then, at 10:30 p.m., Peñarol and Aguada will open … Read more

Biguá and Urupan give no truce: they won in the complement of the fourth date of the League

The fourth stage of the Uruguayan Basketball League was completed with the wins for Urupan, Biguá, Goes and Nacional. Urupan beat Malvin 63-58; Biguá beat Hebraica and Macabi 99-88; Goes beat Trouville 86-81 and Nacional beat Olimpia 85-73. Biguá and Urupan lead the positions with 8 points, product of four wins in the same number … Read more

Peñarol continues without winning in three dates and was crushed by Goes; Urupan and Biguá continue leaders of the League

Peñarol de Pablo López still does not know what it is to win in the Uruguayan Basketball League after this Friday he was crushed by Goes who beat him from end to end by a score of 67-51. The aurinegros have lost all three of their games so far, against Hebraica and Macabi, 78-74 in … Read more

Biguá crushed Capitol and Malvín obtained his first victory after beating Macabi by the minimum

Biguá crushed Capitol 97-73 in one of the four games played on Friday night for the second date of the Uruguayan Basketball League, while in another match, Malvín achieved his first victory in the tournament by winning the minimum, 72-71 to Hebraica and Macabi. Meanwhile, in the other two games, Urupan beat Trouville 77-76 and … Read more