Brooklyn Nets star coveted by conference rival: Who is he?


Kyrie Irving is a fundamental part of the Nets present

The Brooklyn nets They have stood their ground and stated that Kyrie Irving is not allowed to participate with the team until he is vaccinated.

The news comes after the team traveled to philadelphia without their star base, basically confirming their plans before they were officially announced.

With Irving off the template Until further notice, the Nets still have championship aspirations, and a team led by James Harden and Kevin Durant can certainly get there although it may not be a piece of cake without Irving as their star point guard.

It’s hard to predict what the mood is in the locker room, but according to ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith, the Nets could have an even bigger problem on their hands in Daryl Morey.

Harden’s former general manager in Houston is currently in charge of the 76ers, and Stephen A. maintains he has his eyes on Harden in hopes of snatching him from the Nets.

Are the Philadelphia coming for Harden?

Obviously, the Nets should also give the go-ahead for a pass involving one of their star players, so the fact that the 76ers are interested in Harden doesn’t mean much unless both teams agree.

Either way, Stephen A claims that Morey is assessing the situation from afar.

“Now they could lose James Harden”, Smith said. Because Daryl Morey is lurking in Philadelphia. Don’t think for a second that Daryl Morey isn’t trying to get his hands on James Harden. I tell you what I know ”.

Smith doesn’t reveal who told him this, and it’s quite a shocking thing to say. It’s really hard to imagine a pass of this magnitude at this point, especially considering the Nets will need Harden’s services more than ever.

If it was something like Irving was to be changed by disgruntled All-Star Ben Simmons, it would be a bit more credible. The same night Irving did not travel to Philadelphia, Simmons was presented at the 76ers facilities and appears to be about to rejoin the team for the start of the season.

Irving Can Come Back If He Wants

One thing the Nets might be looking forward to is for Irving to back up and get vaccinated so he can play home games at Barclays Center and also visit the Knicks at Madison Square Garden.

Irving has the doors open should he decide to get vaccinated and join the team once he agrees to accept the conditions for membership. Before this decision, the Nets would only have the services of their base on the road, something the team decided was not worth it.

In the short term, the Nets will surely be leaning on Harden and Durant, but they may need Irving as the last hurdle to win a championship. Maybe the lost pay from home games is enough to make him change his mind and join the team. Time will tell.

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