Bolmaro in the NBA: ‘I want to stay here for many years’

Leandro bolmaro attend to Ole like he always did, with a smile. He is in Minnesota, where he began to live his dream of reaching the NBA. Entered the 2020 draft but he stayed a season in Barcelona, ​​where he added minutes, was chosen the Most Spectacular Player of the regular phase in Spain and he was champion of the League. Today that page was left behind and another opens. The 21-year-old, 2.03-meter bodyguard, born in Las Varillas, reads it with anxiety and happiness. He is even adjusting to a “nice and quiet city.” And his companions, the “culiao” from Cordoba.

-How did you spend the season from the draft to the NBA?

-I was always clear that I had to be focused on Barsa. But inside me I knew that it was time to take the leap, especially when I started playing more minutes. It was difficult for me to make the decision because I was playing well, I felt perfect and it was quite a change.

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-It was good for you to go to the Games with the National Team, you became stronger despite the fact that they did not play a good tournament.

-Yes. It was an incredible experience. As you say, we did not do too well, but taking that away, it was something incredible to share with athletes from all over the world. And also being part of the Argentine National Team, it is incredible and unique.

Nicolás Bolmaro comes to the NBA and will play for the Minnesota Timberwolves.

Nicolás Bolmaro comes to the NBA and will play for the Minnesota Timberwolves.

-What did you think when the dream came true?

-Nerd. I try not to think, if I still don’t believe it. I’m still … like I told you, I let myself go. I enjoy it, I am going to train very happy, with a lot of desire and I am loving it. But I never really thought. Being here let it pass, let’s say I try to put it aside.

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-If not, you will go crazy …

-Because. Maybe it can happen. I’m new, I have to push myself, earn a place in the team and everything. Do not get excited about anything. Have to work

-How do you face the NBA challenge?

-Now I’m calm, I want to take it easy, training to the maximum to improve and take advantage, as I did in Barcelona, ​​as it should be. You have to be prepared for when you have to enter and show that you are at level. For that I strive every day. I’m not worried, a little anxious, nothing more. But a little nervous is normal. Although I know that with training and effort it will go well for me.

Ryan Saunders, the Minnesota Timberwolves coach.

Ryan Saunders, the Minnesota Timberwolves coach.

-Do you know what they expect from you?

-I spoke more about how to enter the offense, some of the defense, but nothing of what is expected of me. What the coach said is that I have to play hard and never relax, try my best, always. Every time I have to be, give my best, give 100%.

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-Did Campazzo give you advice?

-He told me that I am going to love it, that this is an incredible world and to be prepared because at any moment they give you the opportunity, they always give it to you. So I have to be prepared and ready for when he touches me, but above all he told me that I was going to love it, and that is what is happening. I’m enjoying.

Campazzo, Denver guard.

Campazzo, Denver guard.

-How did they introduce you?

-We went to Miami about two weeks ago and started training there. The first training session I was there and they welcomed me well, all of my teammates said, the coach too, although I didn’t speak anything specifically but he gave me tips and advice in the middle of practice. It was very nice, they are young players that can be seen in the way they train how each one is directly, who want to improve every day and want to go far. That is very good.

-What surprised you the most?

-The installations. Afterwards, I like the atmosphere here, the players, the coaches. The day to day is very enjoyable and they make you feel important, I want to stay here for many years, what am I going to try?

-Who did you have on the poster?

-To Manu Ginobili. Always. From the first moment, the first game I saw him, I already asked my dad for the shirt. So they bought it for me and I didn’t get rid of it. Whenever he went to train, he wore that shirt. And I still have it in my house, as a souvenir. He was guiding me when I started playing basketball. And yes, I would like to be like him, obviously

Stephen Curry ... Bolmaro wants to face him.

Stephen Curry … Bolmaro wants to face him.

-Did you ever ask him for a t-shirt?

-I saw him in Las Vegas this year and asked him for a photo. I couldn’t not ask for a photo with him next to him … But no, not the shirt. Nor can I ask for the shirt.

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-Anyone you would like to face?

-A (Stephen) Curry. I am amazed at how he plays and I would like to. And if I have to mark it, I drive it crazy. He’s going to stick anyway, but I drive him crazy. I dream of playing in front of those players, it is a privilege.

Bolmaro wants to play for Madison.

Bolmaro wants to play for Madison.

-Any field you want to know?

-The one in New York, Madison Square Garden. Is very large

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-Can you imagine playing against LeBron James?

-No, I do not want to. I never imagined it but I would like to play against him and against everyone. I always saw it from my house. Or when he played Play. And now, having them here … playing with them is incredible.

Will the Cordoba play against LeBron James?

Will the Cordoba play against LeBron James?

-You wouldn’t ask for a shirt either …

-Nerd. He doesn’t give me, but if someone comes and asks me to change it, I’ll give it to him.

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-At least you start well, with the 9 you usually use …

-Yes. I like the 9. It was available, so I asked for it.

-What do you have and what might be missing for the NBA?

-I think the main thing to work on is physical, and then on defense I’m fine, I feel good. In attack I try to help, within everything, what I can. Now I’m adding off-the-ball movements a little more, working a lot on shooting, dribbling, how to start the plays they make here. I think I have to improve a little of everything in the end, both the weaknesses and what I do well because, as I told you before, this is the best league in the world, there are the best players and they already know them all. There is always a place for improvement.

-What is the goal of the team?

-It aims to improve, which is the main thing. As I told you before, it is a team under construction, good players have arrived, there are great players, but at the same time, they are going to aim for the playoff, to be within the 8 of the Western Conference. The objective of the team is still not clear at all but it is talked about, at least among us in the locker room.

– The maximum for you would be to win a championship ring?

-Obviously yes. It’s the dream from now on: win a ring.

Bolmaro and football

Bolmaro is a football fan. And his heart is divided: on the one hand Boca throws him for his fans, and on the other, Workshops, for the province. After doing an interview with Ole, a subsidiary of Xeneize contacted this newspaper because they wanted to send them a shirt, but it never arrived. Yes, instead, the president of the T sent him the pilcha with the 9, as the Cordoba uses in basketball and will use in the Minnesota Timberwolves.

Since it is in the city of Minnesota United from MLS, he became a fan and made contact with Franco Fragapane, player of the team that shares with Bebelo Reynoso, who scored two 3-0 goals at the LA Galaxy on Saturday. Bolmaro was on the court.

Bolmaro, with 9 de Talleres.

Bolmaro, with 9 de Talleres.

The escort said: “There are many sports in the city, so I have already been watching some. I went to the field to see the soccer team, I had spoken with Franco (Fragapane) before ”.

Minnesota are also the Twins, baseball franchise in the MLB. The city also has representation in ice hockey (NHL), with the Wild. The other team in the region, which wears the colors in American football, are the Vikings.