Blue flood

Two teams with the same record and different present faced each other in a match that would undoubtedly be important when it comes to passing the line when the regular phase ends. The AU started with some trouble attacking and relying too heavily on Taboada to generate points; while Stockolmo without being a light or much less, took advantage of his new integration with the clear objective of charging inside and it paid off, since he left the first boy with the small income of 20-19.

Emilio Taboada warmed up his wrist at the beginning of the second but Lovera’s team continued with few offensive variants, which generated some court runs for Tony that started the engines of the blue attack; that later began to flow better finding more goals in different hands and with more depth of squad, taking advantage of the very good income of Giano and Pereira, the “S” that got eleven went to rest up 44-37.

A very good start from Danridge delighted the Prado team with being able to finish him off quickly; because the UA was not only in a very bad moment of play, but also lost Bivins through injury and saw how Stockolmo constantly ran the court and got the maximum of fourteen. Not only those from Nuevo Malvín did not shrink but they were lost on the court, with which the difference continued to widen until it was 68-45 to end the third. The lapidary partial of 24-8 threatened to lower the curtain definitively to the game.

Bivins returned to the court for the last boy, Trusich also entered well in the team of Lovera that opened with a 4-0; but he stayed at that since the fate of the party was sentenced a long time ago. Union made up the result a bit, but Fernández’s team continued to be very involved in the matter, without leaving any doubts they took a vitally important point thinking of starting the play-in with an advantage, in strong final figures of 86-69.