Basketball: Concordia was provincial runner-up in U17

Squad of the Athletic Club Ferrocarril

In a great comeback, the Concordians arrived with great parity at the end of the game and had the possibility of reaching the supplementary in the last ball, but it was not like that and Paraná for the sixth time in a row won the provincial title.

The team led by Javier Benedetich had a great start to the game (winning 27-8 at minute 16) and dominated the development during much of the game, even at the end of the third quarter they came with a solid advantage of 14 units (47-33) .

However, with a lot of heart and excellent defensive work, Concordia was getting into the game; in a great last segment he was reducing the disadvantage and was able to tie in the last ball. The electrifying finish with all the seasonings; Santiago Challio’s final triple hit the basket and came out unleashing the uproar of the APB boys.

In the Selected Paranaense the best happened through the work of Tomás Sonnalion, decisive with 14 points, escorted by Fausto Moussa, author of 13 points and 9 rebounds. Meanwhile, in the Citrus Capital team the stupendous performance of Santiago Challio, scorer with 20 goals, did not reach. Santiago Techera also stood out with 11 points.

ROSTER RUNNER OF CONCORDIA: Luciano Silvestrini, Enrique Fagalde, Thiago Bentancourt, Santiago Challio, Ignacio Dacunda, Bruno Reyero, Juan Cruz Basualdo, Simón Fernández, Franco García Lasco, Santiago Techera, Nicolás Henchoz, Nahuel García. DT: Santiago Rodríguez. AT1: Rodolfo Dacunda. AT2: Francisco Silvestrini.

PARANÁ CHAMPION ROSTER: Julián Caminos, Martiniano Dato, Mateo Vincitorio, Fausto Moussa, Dante Rewes, Joaquín Faria, Tomás Sonnaillon, Facundo Buffa, Juan Berta, Martín Porrchneg, Franco González, Julián Roskopf. DT: Javier Benedetich. AT: Juan Gasparrini.


Paraná was overwhelming throughout the competition: In the First Phase he beat Colón (74-50) and Concordia (73-52), in the semifinals he did the same with Concepción del Uruguay (79-59) and in the definition he again won the cast of ABC (62-59).


The selective of the Departmental Association Pancho Ramírez culminated in third place thanks to the 84-63 victory over Gualeguaychú. Manuel Cherot, with 16 points and 4 rebounds, and Valentín Occhi, with 14 and 13 respectively, led the cast of “La Histórica”.

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Basketball: Concordia was provincial runner-up in U17