Amaury Gorgemans, centimeters for Melilla Sport Capital CMB

The Alcoba march from Melilla Sport Capital Club Melilla Basketball he has brought new vigor, led by his replacement, Arturo Álvarez. The initial idea was fulfilled, betting on nationals with hunger and desire to break it, who joined the only renewed (Nedim Đedović). Thus, the Maiza and Chapela bases arrived, the open ‘four’ Mazaira and the upper Mendiola ‘five’. In addition, the destabilizing Bobby Harris landed from Almansa, returning to the league from abroad the shooter Rakočević (temporary contract) and the powerful power forward De Thaey. The Melilla team also signed JV Mukama, which we already analyzed, and Mouha Barro, who after two years of injuries wants to enjoy the game. With ten men on the squad, he surprised with a latest quality addition such as the Belgian international Amaury Gorgemans (1992/213 cm).

The new azulino center has a long history in the Belgian league. He began his career in Mons, where he made his debut on 12/11 and little by little he gained minutes, being 14/15 (14 mi, 5.3 pt) a weight player and 15/16 (21 mi, 10.9 pt,) shining. 5.8 d). After several years in the team, 17/18 changed its scene and signed for Charleroi (13 mi, 5.1 pt). The following season, after a summer of training in the United States with NBA franchises, he did not start it in any team, signing in November for Brussels (11 mi, 4.5 pt, 2.7 re). He would leave his country for the first time on 19/20, stopping at Romanian Timișoara, where he served as a second unit (16 mi, 8.6 pt, 5.1 d). Last season he returned to Belgium, joining a team from the lower zone like Liège to fulfill perfectly (18 dc, 26 mi, 13.1 pt, 5.3 re) before leaving for Denain of the French ProB, where the season ended and returned to yield (16 dc, 18 mi, 8.5 pt, 4.7 re).

Regarding his style of play, it must be said that Gorgemans is a great player and that perhaps he is not dominant in the post, but he knows how to use his size, observing in his last season a different style of play between the two leagues he played. . In Belgium he took advantage of his size more, with a good game with his back to the basket to finish on the hook, while in France, against more physical rivals, he sought to gain the position to be able to receive and score easily. Able to do a good job of blocking, both indirect and in Q&A (He knows how to finish), he also moves without the ball in cuts to take advantage of his options, being forceful in his definitions. Be careful, because in a fairly complete video about his game they highlight that he is capable of scoring three and, although it is not a weapon in his arsenal, with time and space he dares to throw. Although he is not a player who generates from the low post, he does like to participate in the movement of the ball and give fluidity, something that sometimes takes its toll (hence his high number of losses throughout his career). At the back, with his height and mobility, his profile as a protector of the rim is clear; In addition, he sticks to the post, although he can suffer against physical players, blocks due to his height and rebounds his box out, being able to give more in that sense. As a positive point, their mobility outside their range of action to provide assistance or cover possible gaps is surprising (something that is not expected). Can be charged with personal fouls with ease.

In summary, I think it is a good addition to the Autonomous City team, especially in a summer where the ‘Fives’ of a certain quality have been scarce and what usually comes are risky bets. With his backs covered, with a growing Mendiola who must take that step to be constant to be a high-end center and with a Mud who is waiting to recover his powerful and hard game, Gorgemans is an excellent reinforcement. He can take the starting position of ‘five’, as well as surprise with his game and consolidate himself in the league. Personally, he is a player who was looking forward to his arrival in the league. Their height and their ability to know how to play make them able to consolidate at this level. I don’t think he is a star, but he is a player who gives level and results.