Ynoa, Bravos’ secret weapon down the stretch

ATLANTA – Although they failed in their attempt to string together ten wins in a row, the Braves gained confidence in Huáscar Ynoa as a starter for the final stretch of the season.

Ynoa was hit by a pair of powerful swings from Giancarlo Stanton, in the 5-1 loss to the Yankees on Monday. However, the young monticular was not intimidated by a dangerous lineup and in an electric Truist Park.

There was a postseason vibe, marking the first time since 1901 that two teams with an active streak of nine wins or more met in one game.

“Obviously, they weren’t the results we wanted,” Ynoa said. “But it’s one of those experiences where you learn from blows.”

It was just the third loss in the last 19 games for the Braves leading men, who have a 4.5 game lead over the Phillies as the NL East leading men.

Ynoa is moving into the postseason fight after missing three months with a broken right hand. The 23-year-old from Dominican Republic returned from the disabled list and threw 5.1 blanks on August 17 in Miami and continued to impress Monday.

“We continue to put it in game form and this was another step in that direction,” Braves manager Brian Snitker said. “I think it really looked good.”

Ynoa could be the Braves’ wow factor down the stretch. The right-hander has a 2.95 ERA in 10 starts this year. He has succeeded by leaning on his slider and his four-seam fastball. By relying more on the two-seam fastball and derailleur, he could raise his quality even more for the rest of the season.

“I feel like every time he comes out, he’s going to compete,” said Atlanta shortstop Dansby Swanson. “That’s something I like about him. He did a lot of good pitches today. He pitched well and competed. I’m proud of him”.