New contender for the WWE title heading into Extreme Rules

A few days ago, since Planet Wrestling we announce that the rivalry between Bobby Lashley and Goldberg would continue in the face of Crown Jewel.

However, before the event takes place in Saudi Arabia, another PPV, Extreme Rules, where a famous superstar seems to put the champion in trouble.

In the past episode of the red mark of WWE RAWBobby Lashley was interrupted in his celebration by the reigning United States Champion, Damien Priest.

During the confrontation, the champion mid-card challenged “The All-Mighty” to a fight that night.

After two minutes of fighting, Sheamus interrupted to attack Priest, giving him the victory by disqualification.

Then Drew McIntyre attacked Sheamus, a tag team match is scheduled between Priest and McIntyre against Lashley and Sheamus.

The side heel dominated the fight until Bobby Lashley abandoned his partner, who, being distracted by the betrayal, succumbed to a Claymore by McIntyre.

Sheamus will exact his revenge next week

Once the episode of the red mark ended, it was confirmed that next week Bobby Lashley and Sheamus will face each other in an individual match.

Nevertheless, Everything seems to indicate that the rivalry will not end in that meeting.

Most likely MVP interferes, altering the outcome of the match, which will lead to the rivalry culminating in Extreme Rules.

Recall that Sheamus has been a four-time world champion (three times WWE champion and once World Heavyweight Champion).

In addition, he has several reigns in the division in pairs (How to forget the legendary The Bar next to Cesaro) and in the division mid-card, where he was champion of the United States until his defeat in Summerslam.

Without a doubt, the Irishman will be a tough stumbling block in the champion’s path.

And you? Do you think Sheamus can become the new world champion? I read you in the comments.

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