The Yuli approaches Vladdy, Yunito reaches 20 PUNCHES, Chapman SAVES the 28, Yandy TO NOTHING of the cycle. Cuban MLB summary

By Juan Páez

On the day of this Monday, Yulieski Gurriel he continued his torrid regular season finale on offense. In the Houston Astros’ 10-0 win over the Los Angeles Angels and Anaheim, the first baseman tripled in four legal at-bats and was walked to get closer to the top of the batting lead.

Gurriel, who also scored on one occasion, dropped his offensive average at .317. That mark is the second highest in the American League, just three points below the .320 exhibited by Vladimir Guerrero Jr. The last days of this knockout stage promise to be heart-stopping in terms of the battle for the batting title.

In their last eight meetings, Yuli have 15 hits in 36 official at-bats with the tree, with 13 singles and two doubles in total. He has three RBIs, seven runs scored and just three strikeouts in that span, with a line of .417 / .432 / .472.

In that same game, Yordan alvarez he doubled in five trips to the box, with a single and double (32), scored and two strikeouts (.278).


If we talk about big closures with the wood, Lourdes Gurriel Jr. it has to be in the conversation. In the Toronto Blue Jays 6 × 4 loss to the Tampa Bay Rays, Yunito picked up the pace again and achieved something that seemed unattainable during the first two months of the season: He hit 20 home runs!

The left fielder went 3-for-1 and kicked the ball out of the park for the sixth time this month. He drew in a run (82), scored once, walked and struck out once (.283).

In that same crash, Yandy Diaz He had a great display at the plate that was vital to the Rays’ 93rd victory of the season. Diaz only lacked a triple for the ladder, as he finished 4-3, with a single, double (20) and home run (12), in addition to three RBIs (58) and two runs (.257).

Diaz took the ball out of Robbie Ray (American League Cy Young candidate), in the fifth inning and with two running backs on board to put the Rays to win 3 × 2. It was his third bombshell of the month.

Your partner Randy Arozarena he went 4-1, with his biangular number 28 and a strikeout. So he left his average at .269.


Aroldis chapman is another one that is closing the 2021 regular round in a big way. And on Monday’s matchday, in a 4 × 3 victory for the New York Yankees against the Texas Rangers, he scored his 28th save of the season, in a perfect 1.0 inning work in which he struck out two opponents (3.51 PCL ).

In this way, the Cuban fire extinguisher was two rescues from achieving his eighth season of 30+ saves in his career in the Big Top. Also, with 994, he was six strikeouts out of 1,000 for life. Aroldis has 4.2 scoreless innings, two hits, one walked and nine fanned out in his last five appearances.

Your partner Nestor Cortés Jr. He was the starter for the New Yorkers, but left without a decision. He threw 4.1 innings and allowed five hits and three earned runs, with two walks, seven fans and one homer allowed. His ERA closed at 2.79.

This is how it went to the rest of the Cubans who saw action on Monday’s day in the Major Leagues:


For the Atlanta Braves, Jorge Soler tied 6-1, with a double (26), RBI (60) and scored (.220), while Guillermo Heredia He emerged as a pinch-hitter and answered with a single on his only legal turn (.224).

For the Chicago White Sox, Yasmani grandal He gave a double (7) in two valid chances, with made (60) and passport (.237). Louis robert he also hit a hit (single) on three trips to the plate, striking out and hitting a pitch (.350). Finally, Yoán Moncada he was unlucky four official chances, although he chartered a hairline (57) and scored on one occasion (.263).

Andy Ibanez (TEX) started 4-2, with a pair of singles (.265), while his teammate Jose Adolis Garcia he finished blank in three chances, with an RBI (83) and a pair of chocolates (.242).

In white: Jose Israel Barrero (CIN), 2-0, with a strikeout (.154), and Yadiel Hernandez (WSH), 1-0, as a pinch-hitter (.272).


TO Vladimir Gutierrez (CIN) did not fare well against the Pittsburgh Pirates. In a 3.1-inning start, he was beaten with seven hits (two home runs) and five earned runs. He walked and struck out three opponents. This left his ERA at 4.53.

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