Red Sox vs Yankees and Dodgers vs Cardinals in Wild Card Games

In an exciting season finale the Red Sox came from behind thanks to a powerful offense from Rafael Devers, while the Yankees knocked out the Rays with a shot from Aaron Judge.

With a two-run homer from Rafael “Carita” Devers the Boston Red Sox defeated the Washington Nationals 7 runs by 5 in the last game of the regular season.

The Red Sox needed a providential performance from the Dominican who finished the game 5-4 with two home runs and four RBIs.

The victory was combined with the triumph of the New York Yankees for these two teams to ensure qualification via Wild Card of the American League and will meet this Tuesday at 8 pm Eastern time in the United States.

With a rolling tug of Aaron Judge In the bottom of the ninth, the New York Yankees defeated the Tampa Bay Rays and they managed to put their record at 92-70 to secure their place in the American League wild card game and for the fifth year in a row those coached by Aaron Boone will be in the postseason.

This pair of victories left a team of Toronto blue jaysAlthough he did the same by defeating the Baltimore Orioles 12-4, it only earned him a 91-71 record, a pro game behind the Yankees and Red Sox, who ended up tied with 92 wins and 70 losses.

With these results, Seattle Mariners they were out of the fight to reach the playoffs, after a successful season in which they broke all the odds, and they said goodbye to the campaign with a 7-3 loss to the Los Angeles Angels, ending with 90 wins and 72 setbacks.

In the National League, San Francisco Giants they were the pennant of the West Division of the National League for the first time since the 2012 season by defeating the San Diego Padres 11-4, getting their 107th victory of the season (first time in franchise history) and that forces the Dodgers to play for the wild card against the St. Louis Cardinals this Wednesday in the wild card game in Los Angeles at 8 p.m. ET.

Everything points to an exciting postseason where the winner of the Cardinals and Dodgers will meet the San Francisco Giants, and the Atlanta Braves face the Milwaukee Brewers in the National League, while in the AL, the winner of the Wild Card game between Red Sox and Yankees will meet the Tampa Bay Rays, and completing the duels the Chicago White Sox will face off with the Houston Astros in the Major League Baseball Division Series.