He fell asleep at the Laureles | Daily Change

In a match for the OFI ‘A’ Club Cup, Universitario played all the tickets to go to the second phase, it only served to win, and ends up losing in the discounts, against a good team like Laureles, who was less than more in this series coming to this last game already classified.
University did not lose the classification yesterday, but it was an accumulation of errors to trigger the painful elimination in the first phase. It has a short squad and many youth players, later he had injuries and expulsions, important casualties such as those of Flores and Martín Silva already in the first game, as did Jacques. In addition, there were players who did not perform as expected, the case of Renzo Rolfo who came from Wanderers de Montevideo.
Yesterday from the beginning the Salta team showed problems in the middle, without containment, and a player for the assembly who passed the ball well to those above. Laureles waited for him, gave him the leading role. Little was seen at first flat; University wanted but could not, with sporadic arrivals of the rival with Rosano forcing.
On 24 ‘Valentin Fornaroli appears to define the goalkeeper’s departure and score 1-0. At the end, Octavio Pintos was injured, a bastion in the background, low that was felt. In an oversight came the 1-1 scored by Laborda.
In addition, at 13 ‘in the homeland George Dos Santos takes a remarkable shot to score the 2-1 that delighted the’ red ‘fan, but then he was sent off in an attack play that could have been the third goal. If something was missing for the local, Fornaroli was also injured.
In the end the boys could not hold and instead the experience and work of the rival with two goals turned the game 3 to 2.
Enrique H. Olaizola


Stadium: Ernesto Dickinson. Audience: 500 people. Referee: Mauro Melo (5). Assistants: Juan Desiderio, Albanio Machado (Artigas).
University: John Burgardt, Facundo Correa, Octavio Pintos, Ángel Maidana, Gonzalo Silva, Tomás Medina, Santiago González, César Silveira, Valentín Fornaroli, Renzo Rolfo, George Dos Santos. DT: Emilio Silva. Substitutes: Agustín Carrara, Bryan Ferreira, Agustín Robinson, Dan Araujo, Pablo Sotelo, Joaquín Revello, Lucas Píriz.
Laureles FC: Federico Silveira, Giancarlo Larrosa, Agustín Acosta, Daniel Silvera, Lucas García, Luciano Palmina, Rodrigo Arias, Federico Arévalo, Sebastián Rosano, Renzo Reggio, Matías Laborda. DT: Jorge Muguiro. Substitutes: Joaquín Alonso, Gerardo Amarillo, Luis Martínez, Rodrigo Michalena, Marcelo Ramírez.
Changes: P / T 40 ‘Andrés Tenca for Pintos (U); ST 0 ‘Federico Olivera for Silveira (U); 15 ‘Claudio Torreira for Reggio (L); 20 ‘Facundo Granja for Rolfo (U); 30 ‘Marcelo González for Silvera (L); Fernando Peletti for Palmina (L); 35 ‘Joaquín Jacques for Fornaroli (U).
Goals: P / T. 24 ‘Fornaroli (U); 45 ‘Laborda (L); S / T. 13 ‘Dos Santos (U); 47 ‘Sosa (L); 50 ‘Rosano (L).
Expelled: S / T. 19 ‘Dos Santos (U); 32 ‘Larrosa (L).
The best player on the court: Sebastián Rosano.
The best University player: Valentín Fornaroli.

Photo: In the closing, the defenders could not get the ball out of the risk zone and it ended up inside the goal. It was 3-2. Photos Eduardo Lagos