MLB: With Spencer Strider we witness the beginnings of a legend?

Spencer Strider is in its first full season in the major leaguesbefore his historic day on Thursday, with 16 strikeouts, his strikeout average is 13.3 per 9 innings in 106.2 stretches.

The hobby of Atalanta Braves enjoyed the display of 16 fans | Photo: AP

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nolan ryan, by far the greatest strikeout of all time, with 5,714, in his first year he left his strikeout average at 8.9; he pitched 134 innings.

Randy Johnson, second on K’s lifetime list with 4,875, covered 160.2 episodes in his first full season, guillotining 130 for a 7.3 average.

roger clemens with 4,672 he was third for life in this ranking; in the first year 8.5 of his was his strikeout average after pitching 133.1 innings of 126.

Steve Carlton, covered 25 and 52 innings in his first two years, in the third he added 193 with 168 strikeouts to average 7.8. He is fourth in history with 4,136.

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Sandy Koufax, whose career was marred by arm ailments, is one of the most prolific strikeouts ever. He got 2,396 in 2,324.1 innings; in the two years he started he was on the mound 41.2 and 58.2 innings respectively, in the third schedule he pitched 104.1, fanning 122 to leave his average at 10.2.

Pedro Martínez, another legendary strikeout, in his second campaign left 10.0 thanks to the 119 prescribed chocolates in 107 stretches. He totaled 3,154.

Mariano Rivera, the best closer of all, had only 1 season with more than 100 chapters in his arm, 107.2 in 1996, getting 130 strikeouts for an average of 10.9; the most of him in a year (already as a closer) passed through the charters at 83, average of 9.3, the best of his career as a bolt was 9.8 in 2008 and 2009.

Max Scherzer and Justin Verlander are the active pitchers with the most K’s in their careers.

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The first is 13th for life (3,168), has a record of 10.7 and his best in a campaign was 12.7 in 2019; the second is 14th ever (3,167), 9.1 is his career average, his best in one year is 12.2 in 2018.

Looking at all of this, it can be concluded that Spencer Strider’s pacing might be statistically unsustainable, too difficult to achieve; Far from being “creepy”, we believe that we are witnessing what is the beginning of a career that paints for the Major League legend, the maximum stage of the sport of bats, gloves and balls.

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MLB: With Spencer Strider we witness the beginnings of a legend?