Dallas Cowboys continue their SB obsession – Indigo Report

the quarterback dak prescott will be without one of his top receivers and one of last season’s starting tackles as he tries to break more than 25 years of fiascoes and take the Dallas Cowboys to the final stages of the Playoffs.

Without Amari Cooper neither La’el Collinsthe “Lone Star” team will seek to break the barrier of Divisional Play. Dallas has not played a Final of the National Conference since he won his last superbowl in the 1995 season.

But Prescott prefers to focus on the receiver’s return. CeeDee Lamb and the tackle Terence Steele. “You will never see anything in my life that looks like a step backwards. You have the opportunity to advance. You have the opportunity to grow. If you don’t you’ll be in trouble and you’ve already lost,” Prescott said.

If Dallas doesn’t advance to the postseason, it could get the coach mike mccarthywho is in his third year at the helm of the team, but it has been six seasons since he won the Playoffs with Green Bay in the 2016 campaign.

Also, the only Super Bowl he won with the packers It happened 12 years ago, right at the Cowboys’ house.

Prescott is ready to move the ball on the ground with Ezekiel Elliot, Lambtight end Dalton Schultzas well as an offensive line that continues to be guard-led Zach Martin and the tackle tyron smith.

On the defensive, Micah Parsons It is the present and future of the organization. In 2021, he had 13 sacks and the linebacker He ended up consecrating himself as the Defensive Rookie of the year.

Also, in his second season, cornerback Trevon Diggs had 11 interceptions to tie the season record franchisevalid for 40 years.

For his part, DeMarcus Lawrence heads a powerful defensive formation who led the NFL with 34 turnovers last season. The preseason showed that the Dallas defense has everything to shine.

However, the philadelphia eagles They want to take flight Division and they reveal themselves as the rival to beat for the texansThis after they finished the 2021 campaign with six wins in their last eight games and made it to the Playoffs.

With QB Jalen Hurts as the leader, with a new star receiver as he is AJ Brown, and with a solid defense, Philadelphia is shaping up to be the “headache” for the Cowboys.

Between them two will be the leadership of the Eastthen Washington and NY Giantsalthough they have improved, they are not here to fight, although in the case of commanders highlights the arrival of Carson Wentzwho played in his early professional years with the Eagles.

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Dallas Cowboys continue their SB obsession – Indigo Report