MLB makes the offer to the MLBPA even more tentative

The MLB made an offer to the MLBPA where they increased many things that they request, including minimum wages and luxury taxes.

  • Luxury tax thresholds: 230, 232, 236, 240, 242
  • Pre-arb pool: 40m, flat over time
  • Pool counts against CBT (1.33m per team)
  • Minimum salary: 700, 715, 730, 750, 770
  • MLB wants to add a new level of surcharge to the luxury tax.
  • Right now there are three levels: base, first surcharge and second surcharge.
  • Now MLB wants to put in a third to discourage owners who have in mind to spend much more than the rest.

All the rule changes MLB would want could be sped up, not just select ones like the shot clock, bigger bases and at-bats. However, it can’t be accelerated in season, only out of season.

  • • Lottery draft to 6 picks. MLB was at 5 previously.
  • MLB is linking the elimination of the qualifying offer with the institution of an international draft.
  • Players can choose a maximum of 5 times before being exposed to exemptions • Small markets can choose in the draw lottery for two consecutive years before moving to the 10th selection. • Large markets can choose only one year in the lottery before moving on to the tenth
  • The top 2 Rookie of the Year vote earners can earn a full year of service.
  • A team that brings in a player for Opening Day can get 3 draft picks over time, one pick per year, if that player does well in voting

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MLB makes the offer to the MLBPA even more tentative