The first 100 draft picks will have an average bonus of over one million

The teams of the Big leagues they write checks every year to recruit international teenagers based on the talent available and the value imposed by a free market, only regulated by the taxes to be paid if they exceed the budget suggested by the league.

Thus, in 2011, the Dominican Nomar Mazara was paid US$5 million and it was necessary to wait until 2015 for that mark to be eclipsed by the Cuban Yoan Moncada with US$31.5 million. Since then it remains intact.

Now the MLB poses to players and coaches that a system of draft would raise the bonuses of the first hundred signings, more than double any other year. A change that must be approved within the labor agreement that has paralyzed the Big leagues.

DL had access to pictures that the league has presented in meetings with the union and in this it is offered that the first pick will receive a bonus of US$5.2 million. At least the first 15 players taken will receive US$2 MM and between one and one hundred the average will be US$1,130,650.

This is how the bonuses would be delivered in the first 30 selections of the first international draft. (EXTERNAL SOURCE)

In the 2018-2019 recruitment period, the millionaire bonuses reached 25, in 2019-2020 they rose to 31 and in 2021 they climbed to 43, according to data compiled by DL from the MLB. This 2022, whose market opened on January 15 and will close on December 15, 40 signatures of at least seven digits have been announced.

The league has given the example of the last two years of signings (2019-2020 and 2021) and in its offer it increases for the first 10 signings at US$462,750 and US$632,500. The signings from 1-100 would agree for US$113,065,000, some US$3,701,000 more than in the last two fiscal years.

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The proposal presented by the MLB to the union players in order to approve the draft. (EXTERNAL SOURCE)

From now on, the average bonus begins to decrease and those selected between 101 and 99th place will agree for an average of US$284,575, while the last 99 players who sign (501-600) will fall to US$31,895, 77% more than the US$18,040 from the last two years.

The player not taken in that system could sign as a free agent, thresholds that are not unknown. In 2021, the average bonus reached US$196,567 among the 846 international players signed, 410 of them Dominican.

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The first 100 draft picks will have an average bonus of over one million