Miguel Cabrera: Who would he beat in 2022 according to BaseballReference and Fangraphs?

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Although in the short term there is no perceived quick solution to the lockout that envelops the 2022 Major League season in an enigma, it is worth paying attention to the projections of prestigious statistical portals, such as BasebalReference and Fangraphps, especially in the case of Miguel Cabrera.

With his current numbers, the Elder Tiger has various legends and importables of the best baseball in the world under threat.

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Now, according to BasebalReference, the boy from Maracay would have some 525 plate appearances this year, while Fangraphps estimates it would be about 473.

With 10,933 for life, Cabrerita occupies the 39th position in the lifetime ranking and with both projections he would leave Carlos Beltrán, *Harold Baines, Rusty Staub, *Luis Aparicio, Lou Brock, Rabbit Maranville, Ken Griffey Jr., Joe Morgan on the way , *Cap Anson, *Mel Ott, *Reggie Jackson, and *Al Kaline.

BaseballReference Projections

When it comes to turns with the wood, Miggy accumulates 9,625 (position 42). BasebalReference projects him 469 chances and Fangraphps 428.

That would be enough to top Vada Pinson, Rusty Staub, Johnny Damon, Carlos Beltrán, *Tony Pérez, Ken Griffey Jr., Barry Bonds, Reggie Jackson, Harold Baines, *Andre Dawson, Íchiro Suzuki, *Eddie Collins, *Frank Robinson and *Rabbit Maranville (this one according to BasebalReference).

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Regarding hits, the Venezuelan has 13 left to add 3,000; in BasebalReference they consider that he would give 117 and in Fangraphps 106.

That being the case, he would have more than *Roberto Clemente, Al Kaline, *Wade Boggs, Rafael Palmeiro, Lou Brock, *Rod Carew, *Rickey Henderson, *Craig Biggio, Ichiro Suzuki, *Dave Winfield and Alex Rodriguez (according to BasebalReference).

When mentioning the doubles, the Creole accumulates 597, being the 18th in history. BasebalReference predicts that he will give 17 and Fangraphps 12. That would surpass Barry Bonds, * Cal Ripken Jr., * Paul Waner and * Paul Molitor.

On the other hand, his 1,199 walks make him number 61 all-time. BasebalReference and his projections give him 43, while Fangraphs 34, which would add more than Lance Berkman, *Pee Wee Reese, Dave Wilfield, and Jim Wynn.

9k=fangraph projections

So far, Miguel Cabrera has a total of 5,124 bases that allow him to be number 18 of all time. At BasebalReference they believe that this year he will add another 179, that would be suitable to pass Cal Ripken Jr., Dave Winfield, and Ken Griffey Jr.

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About RBI, for the man from Aragon there are 1,804 teammates taken to the register. BasebalReference estimates he’ll RBI 65 and Fangraphps 63. If so, he’d pass Frank Robinson, *Al Simmons, Manny Ramirez, Dave Winfield, Rafael Palmeiro, Ken Griffey Jr., *Ted Williams, *Carl Yastrzemski and *Mel Ott.

With 1,505 plate touches, he ranks 73rd in his lifetime. BasebalReference projects he’ll add 49 and Fangraphps 42. This would be more than *Mike Schmidt, Al Simmons, *Roberto Alomar, *Eddie Mathews, Wade Boggs, *Sam Rice, *Jeff Bagwell, Briton Tom Brown, Adrián Beltré, Kenny Lofton, *Dan Brouthers, Frankie Frisch, Manny Ramírez, *George Davis, *Max Carey, Reggie Jackson, and *Hugh Duffy (in the case of BasebalReference).

* Hall of Famers

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Miguel Cabrera: Who would he beat in 2022 according to BaseballReference and Fangraphs?