Max Scherzer hits 3,000 strikeouts in MLB

The stellar starter of the Los Angeles Dodgers, Max scherzer, struck out six batters in the first five innings of Sunday’s game against the San Diego Padres to become the 19th pitcher with 3,000 strikeouts in Major League Baseball.

Scherzer fanned first baseman Eric Hosmer, his fourteenth consecutive retired batter starting the game, in the opening of the fifth act at Dodger Stadium.

Right joined Justin verlander, who did not pitch in 2021 due to a Tommy John elbow operation, as the only active in the 3,000 fan club. Zack greinke, the Houston Astros, and Clayton kershawThe Dodgers, with 2,799 and 2,653, respectively, escort Scherzer, among the active.

Additionally, Scherzer, who came to the Dodgers from the Washington Nationals on the July 31 deadline to make major league trades, is one of a small group of pitchers who have won three or more Cy Young Awards and struck out 3,000 batters. .

Roger Clemens captured seven trophies for best pitcher of the season and fanned 4,672 batters, the third-highest number in history. Left-hander Randy Johnson, who is second in strikeouts with 4,875, received the Cy Young five times. Left-hander Steve Carlton and right-hander Greg Maddux won the Cy Young four times and also broke the 3,000 strikeout barrier.

Tom Seaver and right-hander Pedro Martinez round out the list with three Cy Young awards and more than 3,000 strikeouts.


1. Nolan Ryan 5,714
2. Randy Johnson, 4,875
3. Roger Clemens 4,672
4. Steve Carlton 4,136
5. Bert Blyleven 3,701
6. Tom Seaver 3,640
7. Don Sutton 3,574
8. Gaylord Perry 3,534
9. Walter Johnson 3,509
10. Greg Maddux, 3,371
11. Phil Niekro 3,342
12. Fergie Jenkins 3,192
13. Pedro Martinez 3,154
14. Bob Gibson 3,117
15. Curt Schilling 3,116
16. CC Sabathia 3,093
17. John Smoltz 3,084
18. Justin verlander, 3,013
19. Max scherzer 3,000