Mariano Rivera, former Yankees player: ‘I fell in love with Honduras and its people’ – Diez – Diario Deportivo

Mariano rivera, one of the great legends of the Big leaguesHe is Panamanian by birth but catracho at heart. The former player of the Yankees from New York visited again Honduras, this time to mount an aid project through its foundation in the upper area of ​​the Merendon.

‘The Sandman’, which is also in the Hall of Fame, apart from making his trip to know the situation of the families, he gave a space of half an hour before taking flight to USA and share with a group of children who met at the Diamond, community ballpark Olympic from San Pedro Sula.

At the time of being present, the infants, who wore baseball-related balls and gloves, were perplexed when they saw one of the greatest references of this sport. Mariano rivera He gave them a few words to urge them to pursue their dreams. “Baseball for me has been, more than a blessing, a school, a sacrifice, a dedication that we all have.”

“Baseball is discipline … it is very important to love the sport, it puts us on track and prepares us to be better citizens. I started playing it from the age of six and seeing you goes back to those times, sharing with you is a privilege “The winner of five World Series told them.


Already in an interview with DIEZ, Mariano rivera was more emphatic about his visit to Honduras. “I’ve been here several times already. I came to talk about some projects that we have to help the community specifically there in Merendón. I have many Catracha friends that I love. Honduras has become very special for me and my family.” he commented.

“Glad to be here to share with the children, unfortunately I do not have enough time, I am leaving for the United States, but when God returns first I will have much more time to share with the young people,” said the former player.

Consulted why his love with Honduras, answered. “My friends told me a lot about Honduras and not only did I stay with that, I wanted to come and experience it. Arriving here I looked at the hearts of the people, how friendly they are and I fell in love with that. In the area where we are working, up there in El Merendón, there are good families, families that are workers and I love that because it reminds me of the town where I was born in Panama. That is why I fell in love with Honduras and its people. “

Mariano assures that his aid through his foundation is not only in the catracho country. “In other countries we also help, in Guatemala, we want to return to Nicaragua, to El Salvador, in reality we are focused one by one, we cannot expand much, we want to do something good with a foundation which we can continue working and working, and then move , but we are focused on the maximum we can do. Working and helping is a gift from God. “

He also remembered his childhood days when he dreamed of reaching the Big leagues And that is why he is very attached to young people, because of his legacy, he wants to motivate them to pursue what they dream of so much.

“Being here goes back to my childhood, I did not have the opportunity to have a Major League Baseball or an athlete visit me but I do remember when once the National Police arrived to leave some toys to my town, they gave me a little train, that I have remembered it all my life and I thank God for that, because what we can do is help and work with the community and our children. For me it is a privilege to work for them, “he says.

Finally he left a message for everyone. “My message for Hondurans is that you have to decide, dare, you have to dream big and seek God’s direction first, the word says to seek the kingdom of God and his justice, first, and then everything will come in addition, so yes we do that, we will be fine. My wish is not that we have one, two, three, but many Hondurans in the Major Leagues, or playing soccer or any sport, as long as it is done with honor and glory for God. “