Lionel Messi was surprised by this stunning woman ahead of the match between Argentina and Venezuela

Lionel Messi arrived in Venezuela for the match with the Argentine National Team and was surprised by a stunning woman.

Lionel Messi arrived in Venezuela, where he will represent the Argentine National Team in the qualifying match. As soon as he landed, he was surprised by a stunning woman who does not stop dedicating other striking content.

Miss BumBum knows very well how to get everyone’s attention, especially Lionel Messi. She became known for her playful publications on social networks, where she was always shown as the fan of the former Barcelona player.

Although she assured that the love for Barcelona’s colors is still intact, she has not lost the opportunity to go over to the side in order to give Lionel Messi joy … And boy, has she achieved it!

Suzy Cortez, as her name is, has delighted the audience by posing on her back, wearing the jersey that bears the name of Lionel Messi, along with the number 30 that he chose to wear at PSG. But now it was for more and, with his back turned, he posed with the 10 that the player wears in the Argentine National Team.

How could it be otherwise, a play of these characteristics did not go unnoticed at all and has already managed to add more than 200 thousand followers in a matter of hours! Miss BumBum is always a boom and there is no doubt about that.

But what is on the tightrope is knowing how long Lionel Messi will have access to this content dedicated exclusively to him. Last year, Antonela Roccuzzo was in charge of blocking Miss BumBum from everywhere, attentive to the provocations that the model was sending to the player.

Apparently, this time Miss BumBum lowered her level of exposure a lot although, according to his own followers, Lionel Messi would not be willing to risk his marriage to Antonela Roccuzzo by liking Suzy Cortez’s publications … Although many swear that you do not lack it!

Will one ever slip away?