This is how Uruguay’s path will be towards the 2023 Basketball World Cup

The Basketball World Cup 2023 that will be disputed in Philippines, Japan and Indonesia had this Tuesday the draw of the groups of the Playoffs facing the tournament that will have the presence of 32 teams already Uruguay fighting for a spot on that date.

The road to qualifying in America will have 16 countries battling for seven places in the world Cup organized by FIBA With a system identical to the previous World Cup, that is, after the first phase of four groups with four teams, the first three will advance to the next instance.

In the second stage, two series of six countries each will be made up and the first three of each group plus the best fourth will classify the world which will be played between August 25 and September 10, 2023.

This was the FIBA ​​ceremony to draw the groups

The Uruguayan basketball team will occupy a place in Group B of the Playoffs alongside Brazil, chili and Colombia and if they are among the first three, they will advance and then face the three classified in the D series that make up USA, Puerto Rico, Mexico and Cuba.

The FIBA ​​America Qualifying Groups

The groups of the American Qualifiers for the Basketball World Cup.

The groups of all the Qualifiers for the World Cup

The dates of the World Cup Qualifying windows

The start date of the Qualifiers for the 2023 World Cup will be November 21, being the only window that will be played this year. Then there will be four during 2022 and the last one will be in 2023.

First window: November 20-30, 2021
Second window: February 21 to March 1, 2022
Third window: June 27 to July 5, 2022
Fourth window: August 22-30, 2022
Fifth window: November 7-15, 2022
Window 6: February 20-28, 2023

First 3 windows of Uruguay since NOV21:

25NOV vs Colombia, P. Peñarol
28NOV vs Colombia, Colombia

25FEB22 vs Brazil, Brazil
28FEB22 vs Chile, Chile

30JUN22 vs Brazil, Antel Arena
3JUL22 vs Chile, Antel Arena